Friday, November 11, 2022

Poets!... Mary Jo Balistreri, John McDonald, Pawel Markiewicz, Judith Partin Nielsen, Rochelle Cohen, Ian Mullins, Dennis Rhodes, and, Cynthia Sidrane!...

Noble assistant editor Kitty Kali, mewwwing, incessantly!...      "Poetry, Mister Editor!   Kitties, people, and critters of all kinds need their poetry, Mister Editor!"...

  So true, noble assistant!       Let us begin...

poet Mary Jo Balistreri, Waukesha, Wisconsin...

A Letter to Great-Gramma Belle

You taught me to pay attention to the small, the over-looked.  Gardening at your side, I saw you mix poverty and loss into the soil, making beds, dark and rich.  Seeds sprouted and bloomed--bachelor buttons, nasturtiums, the heavenly blues you call "granny vines."
          The bellflower I still call You.


                        there is a story
                a legend of happiness
                        as the sun rises


           one day I'll travel
with the wind now lingering
               silently waiting

poet John McDonald, Edinburgh, Scotland...                          (haiku in Scots)...

  reengin the bath                   
  fir yestreen's attercap
  ...he goves frae the ceilin
                       searching the bath
                       for yesterday's spider
                       ...he gazes from the ceiling

grandfaither an grandochter
...tuba an clarinet wyvein
                 grandfather and grand-daughter
                 ...tuba and clarinet weaving

   poet Pawel Markiewicz, Podlaski, Poland...

from the dazzling morns
till evenings - spiders at work
picturesque webs

                 the first autumn rain
                 spider's heart in rhythm of drops
                 nature awaken

      poet Judith Partin Nielsen, Longmont, Colorado...

    "Sugar Wolf loves u"

    homeless poet leaves
    his calling card --
    back side of the postal box

                   The Hope Of It

                   Where is the beauty, the Hope
                   in the horror of it, you ask.
                   Underneath a hard, bitter
                   casement of seed is there
                   an invisible bloom, a bud
                   not yet conceived --
                   a fragrance only in
                   the mind's eye.
                   Are we the Hope of it?

   poet Rochelle Cohen, Marlton, New Jersey...


             Gangs leave their scars
              As painted scrawls
              On subway cars

              Names that will scream
              for eternity
              I'm not a dream
              I'm reality

              A long time ago     
              Gangs of single cells
              Left a lime logo
              In the shape of shells

              On pyramids and Dover cliffs
              In the bust of Queen Nefertiti
              Nature wrote to us hieroglyphs
              Foraminifera graffiti

   poet Ian Mullins, Liverpool, England...

      foaming up
      cappuccino moon
      clouding my coffee

                 another long day--
                 she stops at the school gates
                 raises her skirt another inch

     poet Dennis Rhodes, Naples, Florida...

     Tornado warning.
     If you choose to ignore one,
     That's just twisted.

                  In my next life
                  I'm coming back as a book.
                  Hardcover.  Cloth bound.

                  You'll recognize me.
                  I'll be the one that keeps
                  You up all night.

  poet Cynthia Sidrane, Phoenix, Arizona...

 mockingbird at dawn
 cajoles the moon from the sky
 chatting the sun up

            Poetry of Trees

            certain words know how
            to calm a restless spirit
            when the storm passes
            soft whispers of mist through trees
            rivulets down leaves
            tapping wet ground

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