Saturday, September 24, 2022

Poets!... Dennis Rhodes, La-Tasha Gardener, Mary Jo Balistreri, Pawel Markiewicz, Amy Hrynchuk, Carl Mayfield, Patricia Carragon, Judith Partin Nielsen, and, John McDonald!...


Noble assistant editor Kitty Kalimewing, "Poetry! Kitties, poets, all sorts of folks and critters need their poetry, Mister Editor!"

Yes, noble assistant! And we'll begin with our   friend Dennis Rhodes, Naples, Florida!...

 Food and kindness
 essential ingredients
 for human survival   
                Money may not last
                But true love?  It always lasts.
                Love trumps poverty.

       poet La-Tasha Gardener, Clarendon, Jamaica...

    A means to escape
    A fantasy we wish to live
    Even for a day.    
                    Standing on all fours
                    Rest heavy burden on me
                    I stand here to serve.

     poet Mary Jo Balistreri, 
                   Waukesha, Wisconsin...

  falling flakes that drift
  in silence          frosted window panes
  in peace            spangles of dreamscapes
                        like antique lace
         aged trees burning
         in our hearths
         kindling even the coldest heart

   poet Pawel Markiewicz, Bielsk Podlaski, Poland...

   after fallen rain
   on spider's web soft meek dew
   sip of butterfly       
             during gorgeous rain
             the drops mixed with falling dew
             on the web - miracle

      poet Amy Hrynchuk, Sherwood Park, Canada...

                  Love and Peace
                  Love is:

                  Peace is:

  poet Carl Mayfield, Rio Rancho, New Mexico...

Blank Look #722

          Old dog in the shade, his tail
          suddenly wags once, the light
          in his eyes, witnessing.

          Wherever he's going it won't be
          on those bent and trembling legs.
          He should arrive a few days before me.

Noble assistant editors Kitty Kali and Frosty, mew, mew, mewing! "Kitty Poetry, Mister Editor! We need Patricia Carragon's Kitty Poems!"

poet Patricia Carragon, Brooklyn, New York...

     cat whiskers brushing
     the human on the mat
                calico witches
                        high on vampire catnip
                                   Halloween howl

         ghostly calicoes
         toms the color of midnight
         catnip bewitches

      poet Judith Partin Nielsen, Longmont, Colorado...

     Endings #2

     folded flag from the casket
     pressed against my heart
     even now feeling your arms
     tightly around me

                      Calligraphy Sky

                      long, slow jet stream
                      crosses over the sky
                      calligraphy sky

     Scots poet John McDonald, Edinburgh, Scotland...

   in a snell wund    in a bitter wind
   the tosieness        the warmth
   o gean flourish     of cherry blossoms

     petal bi petal         petal by petal
     the speengie rose     the peony rose
     tirls                    undresses

    attercaps              spiders
    it houghmagandie    making love
    ...snorlie thread       ...knotted thread

              see you in a moment...

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