Sunday, June 5, 2022

Poets!... Dennis Rhodes, Pablo Picasso, Patricia Carragon, Sarah Mahina Calvello, Mary Jo Balistreri, Stephen Jarrell Williams, Anthony Durham, Peggy Dugan French, t. kilgore splake, and r. soos!...

        poet Dennis Rhodes, Naples, Florida...

             That rumble you hear?

  Civilization itself

  crumbling around us. 

  My heart cries out to

  the little girl who played dead

  to save her own life.

  What have we come to

  that we must teach our children

  to do such a thing.

                      Flawed but well-meaning.

                      That is the state of my soul

                      At the present time.

 poet Patricia Carragon, Brooklyn, New York...

     on a blanket of leaves
     neighborhood kittens
     play hide-and-seek

                      when daffodils bloom
                      pregnant calicoes sashay
                      down garden catwalks

assistant editor Tamamewing!,
"Our Brooklyn girl Patricia gets extra-special treats for her
      lovely Kitty poems!"...

poet Sarah Mahina Calvello, San Francisco, California...

     The mystery         Koi pond
     Of a cup of tea     Flowers everywhere
                            Enjoying Sunday 
           A stolen kiss
           Under climbing night jasmine
           About time

 poet Mary Jo Balistreri, Waukesha, Wisconsin...

    In our netted tent, we lie under
    the bright canopy of constellations,
    I reach over for your outstretched hand, 
    notice your hair--silvered, as if the moon
    had run her fingers through it.
    The fireflies bed down.  We, too, zip up
    our tent as the soft fall of rain
    recites evening's last poem.

     poet Stephen Jarrell Williams, Murietta, California... 
   tomato seed
    lifting its green head from earth
    tiny leaves bowing

                        free bird
                        flying below the clouds
                        tasting the rain mist

        bamboo wind chimes
        hanging from the patio roof
        tinkling fingers

 poet Anthony Durham, England...

   Profuse cloud
   Swaddles the sun
   Into a moon

Faded faces in     The photograph
Peering out at me
Capturing my thoughts

       poet Peggy Dugan French, Cardiff, California...

    picking berries
     a quiet peace
      fills the air

   poet t. kilgore splake, Calumet, Michigan...

                   owl's distant night call
               dark clouds hiding full moon
               soul floating on stream water

      purple hint of dawn
  white birch shadows vanishing
    beginning another day

                        dreams on fire
                    imagination wildly burning
                      waking hungry to write

      poet r. soos, Joshua Tree, California...


    stars don't seem to sleep
    while we watch wondrous shows
    wander through the sky


                    the joshua trees
                    huddle against desert wind
                    ecstatic with joy

              see you in a moment...

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