Friday, May 20, 2022

Poets!... Anthony Ward, Sarah Mahina Calvello, t. kilgore splake, Linda Amos, James B. Peters, Mary Jo Balistreri, r. soos, Marsupial P., Patricia Carragon, and Judith Nielsen!...

 Assistant editor Kitty Kali, mewing!..."Poetry!"

   "We need a new

     poetry post,

 Mister Editor!  And, then!!!  Everyone will have their very own    best ever treats!"...

Yes, Kitty Kali!  And      we'll begin with

    poet Anthony Ward, Durham, England...

          Faded faces in the photograph

           Peering out at me

           Capturing my thoughts

   poet Sarah Mahina Calvello, San Francisco, California...

Making coffee

The dance of the morning

All to familiar             The quiet

                              Rush of warm breath

                              Under eucalyptus

         Talking about the past

         Roasting marshmallows around the fire

         In flannel pajamas

   poet t. tilgore splake, Calumet, Michigan...  

   early morning prayer

    god give me coffee       

 brain and pot lid rattling     like li po

                              days wandering cliffs

                              dreaming need poems

          enjoying wilderness whispers

              soft pine needle hum

             growing self awareness

     poet Linda Amos, York, Pennsylvania...


           Some of the best moments

           In my life

           Were just

           A moment


 poet James B. Peters, Cottontown, Tennessee...

 for me the war ended

    on a board fence           whispers

     beside the pond       among the stones

                                of the forgotten

 poet Mary Jo Balistreri, Waukesha, Wisconsin...

   As day darkens toward night

              those we have lost

   appear along the roadside of our minds

   We carry them forward even as they vanish

             into the blur of distance

   Carry them with us

             to another harvest

     poet r. soos, Joshua Tree, California...


           drop from morning clouds

      cooling one corner of the yard

                         for us to enjoy


          reflects in and out

          lights in every direction

          are caught in each drop

    poet marsupial p., Davies' Diner havin' pork chops...


    the great equalizer-

    falling on the poet

    as well as those

      not knee-deep in daisies...

                  when writing   how can one

                  not escape leaving bits of

                  themselves-bit of flesh

                  in the typewriter gears

                  with each stroke of the  key.


                    what's the writing for...     

                                after "uncle" Leo

  poet Patricia Carragon, Brooklyn, New York...

   when daffodils bloom

   pregnant calicoes sashay

   down garden catwalks

                  kitten caboodle

                  litter box quicksand hides poop

                  but not the scent


         cat whiskers brushing

         the human on the mat

   poet Judith Nielsen, Longmont, Colorado...

          closing the circle

         closing the circle

          of my life

          diameter once

          vast as the horizon

          now searching for

          the radius of

          that blessed path

          leading to the

          heart of Everything     

         things unfold

         as they do

         and even in that

         there is

         a special beauty



              see you in a moment...

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Anonymous said...

assistant editor Kitty Kali: "We did it! And I'm having my most ever favorite treats!"

Brown-stone Poets said...

thank you Kitties and Ayaz. Treats for all.

Meow meow,


Anonymous said...

Clark Kitties united: "We loves our Brooklyn Girl!"

Anonymous said...

Somebody spelled Colorado wrong in the prior comment! And, we do so appreciate "that Brooklyn Girl!"

Anonymous said...

Terrific issue! And always a special treat to read Mary Jo B's words. "Roadsides of our minds." Oh my! Karla Linn Merrifield

Anonymous said...

from all the bear creek kitties, and, even the bear creek bear!
"Extra-special treats for Karla Linn Merrifield!"

Bijay Kant Dubey said...

An Indian rural persona
She cannot spell it out
The name of her husband,
just the tattoo on the hand
Telling the name of her husband.

Anonymous said...

bear creek kitties: "Hooray for Bijay!"

pl. said...

some bastard has just gone
and murdered the promising
fragile golden honey bees
of a nowhere unassuming
place called—
we opened the door then
stood by
letting it happen.
but don’t worry—
if you feel you’ve missed it
it will be showing again
in a neighborhood near you...

there are lots & lots & lots
of innocent
golden honey bees…

Anonymous said...

bear creek kitties (assistant editor's) and editor - "Our words, hearts, and any and all blessings we can give are with our beloved Uvalde- love you..."