Thursday, April 14, 2022

Poets!... James B. Peters, Bijay Kant Dubey, Dennis Rhodes, Mary Jo Balistreri, Patricia Carragon, Cathy Porter, r. soos, Judith Partin-Nielsen, poem inspired by a Navaho Mountain Chant, and again our Mary Jo Balistreri!...

 Assistant editor Kitty Kali, mewing, "Poetry, Mister Editor!  Kitties and people's need poetry!                   And then, their treats!"...

poet James B. Peters,      Cottontown, Tennessee...
     Haiku poem
     Seen in print
     Enough reward

               Haiku poet
             Of the syllable

poet Bijay Kant Dubey, Chandrakona, West Bengal, India...
    Ukraine 2022
    For no fault of it,
    How can a nation be bombed,
    Shelled with missiles, tanks,
    Rocket launchers,
    How can the civilian areas be bombarded
    In such a way?
    How can one be cruel and callous
    in such a way?

    poet Dennis Rhodes, Naples, Florida...
    I felt ashamed,
    as the bombs fell on Ukraine,
    of being human.
                       I truly wanted
                       to be an innocent deer
                       beside a cool lake.
    I wanted nothing
    to do with humanity.
    Peaceful.  Blameless.
                       All great artists are
                       haunted, the poet told me
                       with a ghostly grin.

 poet Mary Jo Balistreri, Waukesha, Wisconsin...
 We look now over the distance we've come,
 layer upon layer of golden-green hills
 airbrushed to ever softer hues in the distance.
 We scoop them up into the net of memory,
 winding back upon itself, moving forward.

      poet Patricia Carragon, Brooklyn, New York...
                from her mews
                         she scratches the page

    noble assistant's
   Frosty and Tama...
"Extra-special treats
  for Mary Jo and            'Our Brooklyn              Girl', Patricia!"

      poet Cathy Porter, Omaha, Nebraska...
   The clock
   One hand missing    I step over
   No need to set       Cracks in the sidewalk
                           Mother's back
        A paw on the leg
                  Comfort, beyond words

    poet r. soos, Joshua Tree, California...  
             faith is always quick
             it is there as surety
             when doubt slithers in            

                   love in the summer
        when flowers are most active
                     perfuming the air
                        a new souvenir
       splattered on this empty page
       ink forming letters

       poet Judith Partin-Nielsen, Longmont, Colorado...
          Each Day

          each day a poem

          breeze ruffling my hair

          a glimpse of mountains

          behind floating cloud silhouettes

          afternoon sun through the window

          falling cross the empty pages

               waiting on my desk

 inspired by 
      Mountain Chant: a Navaho Ceremony...
        The world before me is restored
                                   in poetry
        The world behind me is restored 
                                   in poetry
         The world below me is restored    
                                   in poetry
         The world above me is restored
                                   in poetry
         The world around me is restored
                                   in poetry
         My voice is restored
                                   in beauty
         My voice is restored   in poetry.

And! One more from our Mary Jo Balistreri...

       Unclamp my wings   untether me
       Like Pegasus  let me soar

see you in a moment...

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