Saturday, March 12, 2022

Poets!... Pat St. Pierre, Dennis Rhodes, Nancy L. Dahl, Mary Jo Balistreri, Patricia Carragon, t. kilgore splake, Thomas Merton, Senegal, John McDonald, and Judith Nielsen!

"Poetry, Mister Editor!  Kitties, Kiddies, and people of all sorts need/love/embrace poems and poetsMister Editor! Rid yourself of any non-creative hairballs stifling our poetic blog posts! And! We'll all also earn our mewtiful extra-special treats!"

 OK, noble assistant editor's! Hair balls, (hopefully), removed!  And we'll begin this post with...

   poet Pat St. Pierre, Wilton, Connecticut...

    "A Precious Moment"

    The lone figure skis               

    across a powdered surface

    man and nature embrace.


                   Peacocks spread their wings

                   colors on feathers lure me

                   transporting my soul.

   poet Dennis Rhodes, Naples, Florida...

  A foggy morning.

  The deer came out right on cue

  to nibble breakfast.       

                       All great artists are

                       haunted, the poet told me

                       with a ghostly grin.

     poet Nancy L. Dahl, Ypsilanti, Michigan...
        Doing Nothing
        Just sitting          Light Within
        Resting              Something is
                              The Answer
         Outcome           Be Grateful    
         Is quiet            For all
                              That Comes

 poet Mary Jo Balistreri, Waukesha, Wisconsin...

    As day darkens toward night

             those we have lost

    appear along the roadside of our minds.

    We carry them forward even as they vanish 

             into the blur of distance

    Carry them with us

             to another harvest

 poet Patricia Carragon, Brooklyn, New York...


     my train runs       inspiration

     on cat time         from her mews

                            she scratches the page

   poet t. kilgore splake, Calumet, Michigan...

       morning haikus finished

          drinking green tea     

          warm buddha smile

                         late march ice out

                         crocus buds rising

                        earth breathing again

              gentle river rhythms

              soothing poet's soul

           quiet wilderness moment

             poet Thomas Merton...

 We are already one.  But we imagine we are not.  And what we have to recover is our original unity.  What we have to be is what we are.

       celebrating poetry in Dakar, Senegal!

poet John McDonald, Edinburgh, Scotland...  in Scots and English...

 frae the fitbaw perk    from the football park

 the ref's fussle -        the ref's whistle

 a bleckie repones      a blackbird answers

     attercaps                 spiders

     it houghmagandie      making love

     ...snorlie threid         ...knotted thread

   poet Judith Nielsen, Longmont, Colorado...

  Wedding Dress

  wedding dress still hangs

  in the back of the closet

  all these glorious years

                        Face of a Buddha

                        among the orchids

                        face of Buddha appears

                        nothing extra

                         just here

          things unfold   

          as they do

          and even in that

          there is

          a special beauty

see you in a moment...

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