Sunday, December 26, 2021

Poets!... Patricia Carragon, Minal Sarosh, Ram Chandran, Roberta Beach Jacobson, Darrell Petska, ayaz daryl nielsen, Peggy Dugan French, and Judith Nielsen!...


poet Patricia Carragon, Brooklyn, New York...

      festive snowflakes dance

      giant wooden soldiers guard

      gingerbread mansion

                             inflatable Santa

                             keels over railing

                             too much eggnog

            kids' eyes as bright as

            Dyker Heights Christmas lights

            Brooklyn does Disney

      poet Minal Sarosh, Gujarat, India...

      cold wind

      the Christmas tree twinkling

      in the window

                       New Year's Day

                       even the balloons want

                       to float till the clouds

 poet Ram Chandran, Madurai, India...

         sky is there, moon is there 

         clouds and winds too

         not my little star

                           extending rainbow...

                           migrating birds

                           flying in unison

  poet Roberta Beach Jacobson, Indianola, Iowa...

        how far 

        must we travel       no space

        to be foreign         for old flames

                                new fireplace

   poet Darrell Petska, Middleton, Wisconsin...

    the blizzard rages

    beneath the doorsill

    a puddle trickles

                brushing last night's snow

                from her gravestone's little lamb

                deep silence

                           groundhog's shadow

                           grandpa's gnarly cane

                           thump thump thumping

poet ayaz daryl nielsen, Longmont, Colorado...

   The bear in heavy fur licks its lips and

   dreams the taste of berries on bushes.

  Wild flower seeds waiting below white-

   washed chapels of frozen snow listen

   to voices of wild geese and wood ducks

   carried within early morning chinook winds.

   Humbled, I pour a second cup of coffee,

   again renew my promise to keep the

   wondrous faith of this earth and my

   loved ones, and add a splash of cream.

    poet/editor Peggy Dugan French, Cardiff, California...

   poet Judith Nielsen, Longmont, Colorado...

                      for other

                       for us

                      for once

                       for all

                      for love

              see you in a moment...

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Brown-stone Poets said...

Meowy Catmas and Happy Mew Year to you and the kitty crew. Thank you for all you do for the community.

All the very best!


Anonymous said...

Kitty Kali, Frosty, and Tama..."wonderful 2022 wishes for 'our Brooklyn girl!'"

Jo Balistreri said...

What a holiday treat!

Pattie, a big shout out-- What terrific haiku.

daryl--loved the bear poem. So visual, and Judith, you include us all. Thank you.

To everyone that contributed, wishing you a Happy New Year. Can you believe, 2022?


Anonymous said...

Kitty Kali, Tama, and Frosty (and all of us) - Jo Balistreri, no getting around it, we simply care for you so much!!! Best to your January!

Cynthia said...

All beautiful poems for a...Happy Poetic New Year!

Peggy French said...

Lovely collection. Really liked Judith's piece, perfect! Treats for all! Peggy

Anonymous said...

"for our poets Cynthia, and Peggy, best wishes and a new year full of awesome treats of all kinds! May extra special treats come to you both in all sorts of flavors and forms- best to your New Year!"... bear creek haiku assistant editors Kitty Kali, Tama, and, Frosty!