Monday, December 13, 2021

Poets!... Patricia Carragon, Mary Jo Balistreri, Minal Sarosh, Nancy L. Dahl, Mary Oliver and Peggy Dugan French, Mona Bedi, Karen O'Leary, Pawel Markiewicz, Cathy Porter, and, Susan Cooper!

 "Poetry!  People (and kitties) need their poetry, Mister Editor!  And we'll begin with poet and editor Patricia Carragon, our 'that girl from Brooklyn'!"

"And! When we've completed this post, everyone will have their very own favorite treats!", mew assistant editors Frosty, and, Tama!...

poet Patricia Carragon, Brooklyn, New York...

Christmas Cat Haiku

sparkling lights

dazzle Christmas tree

cat spins into action


Christmas tree

becomes the cat tree



Frosty the Snowman

body parts scatter on lawn

cat blames dog

Hanukkah Kitty Haiku

kosher kitty

spins the dreidel

wins more treats


Hanukkah lights

shadow of the cat

nibbling on latkes



escalates on Hanukkah

oy vey iz mir

poet Mary Jo Balistreri,

Waukesha, Wisconsin...

first light 

two sandhill cranes bugle

in unison


just before dawn

Pleiades opens the sky

                  the warbler's melody


wet sheets

snap on the line-

chickadee song

poet Minal Sarosh, Gujarat, India...

autumn picnic

ants picking up the cherry

before I can



did the mannequin

just smile at me?

  poet Nancy L. Dahl, Ypsilanti, Michigan...

Words to Live By

.inside job


.right from wrong


.moments are all we have

.live in the Now

.do your best always


.do it right

.the first time

.if not  repeat repeat repeat

from Peggy Dugan French, Cardiff, California... 

poet Pawel Markiewicz, Podlaski, Poland...

butterflies in flight

tender winglet in the rhythm

of the falling rain


butterfly's winglet

- gentle touching of nectar

that I want to taste

     poet Cathy Porter, Omaha, Nebraska...

Flat tire
Empty Trunk
I'll spare you
The details
Traffic backed up
Turkey jaywalking
Early December
Bare trees
First snowfall
On hold

poet Karen O'Leary, West Fargo, North Dakota...

"pizza delivery"
my tip a glass of wine
and a kiss

poet Mona Bedi, Delhi, India...

apple salad
    the scent of autumn   
    from mom's kitchen
just the thoughts
of you
how soothing
the words of a stranger

poet Susan Cooper...

So the shortest day came, and the year died,
And everywhere down the centuries of the snow-white world
Came people singing, dancing poetry
To drive the dark away.

              see you in a moment...

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Anonymous said...

Extra-special treats for poets and kitties!

Brown-stone Poets said...

Wonderful, and Mary Jo is in this issue. Sent you two emails.

Patricia of Brooklyn

Bijay Kant Dubey said...

The old year
Like the old diary
Where to shelve it
In which almirah?

Anonymous said...

Extra treats for Bijay Kant Dubey!...(the bear creek kitties)

Jo Balistreri said...

What a splendid issue. All of it filled with the wonder and joy.

Pattie, your cat poems are a delight. I read them again and again from your book.

To everyone I send wishes for your holidays. It’s been grand meeting you here o Bear Creek Haiku,

Thank you dear editors and kitties—thank you for bringing such treasures into our homes.


Anonymous said...

Kitty Kali, and, Frosty!..."Blessings to our beloved Jo Balistreri!"

Karen O'Leary said...

Dear ayaz,

What a wonderful edition with a variety of thoughts and creative presentations. The art work compliments the poetry. "see you in a moment..."
too. Thank you for sharing your family with poetry and the cute kitty editor assistants are always a delight. Good to be back sharing words with the bear creek haiku community. Congratulations to all who have been published in this issue.

Blessings to all,

Peggy French said...

Another wonder post, thank you for sharing all of this lovely work! Treats to all. Cheers! Peggy