Friday, November 19, 2021

poets!... Steve Ausherman, Mary Jo Balistreri, Mona Bedi, Cathy Porter, John Parsons, Ram Chandran, Jane Stuart, Linda Amos, Nancy L. Dahl, Shoichi Taneda, and r. soos!...

  poet/artist Steve AushermanAlbuquerque,    New Mexico...      

poet Mary Jo Balistreri, Waukesha, Wisconsin...
         Psalm of a Wild Solitude

         The ocean wears
          a rippled silk
          of blue-green elegance

                    and dolphins bear
                    upon their backs
                    the flash of radiance.

       poet Mona Bedi, Delhi, India...

    winds of change
    a broken weather vane
    points here and there   
                                farm visit
                                amaltas bloom on
                                my pet's grave
               long marriage
               I get comfortable
               with his snoring

  poet Cathy Porter, Omaha, Nebraska...

         Furry face
         In the window
         Proof                    Charlie
         I'm loved               Backbeat
                                  Best Stone

   poet John Parsons
                  East Sussex, United Kingdom...

      curlew cries across
      marshes, clear reminders
      of essence
                     sun shafts in woods
                     haphazard specks of light
                     become dragonflies
         low tide
         each stone
         carefully rolled
         into place

    poet Ram Chandran, Madurai, India...
        starry night-
        I adore 
        the twinkles in her eyes
                              no knock
                              her perfume
                              enters first
          my little daughter
          googles for botanical names

     poet Jane Stuart, Flatwoods, Kentucky...
     In the night
     a mermaid's song
     crosses the waiting sea

                    Evening's golden light
                    falling from a cloudless sky
                    brings back yesterday

             A summer's night ends
             soft repose
             against your cheek

    poet Linda Amos, York, Pennsylvania...

           "Love Graffiti"
            You have used
            your spray can
            to paint your name
            upon the surface
            of my heart        
                           "My Heart"
                            my heart
                            it's beat
                            at the sound
                            of your voice

   poet Nancy L. Dahl, Ypsilanti, Michigan...

      it has been said
      we can make it
      never give up
                       the best words
                       we can hear
                       be kind to one another
      we don't know how hard
      another persons life is
      be kind to all that come in our path

      poet Shoichi Taneda (1882-1940)
               translator  r. soos...

                 my heart is tired
               my trails my hilltops
                 are still beautiful

     poet r. soos, Joshua Tree, California...


          when you know my heart
          there will still be deeper trails
          to travel along

              see you in a moment...

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