Sunday, November 28, 2021

Poets!... Ram Chandran, John McDonald, Mary Jo Balistreri, Julie A. Dickson, Patricia Carragon, t. kilgore splake, Adrian Bouter, Judith Nielsen, and Pawel Markiewicz!...


    Assistant Editor's Kitty 

   Kali and Frosty, mewing,

    "Poetry, Mister Editor!

      Poets, readers, and    

        kitties all need

        today's purring   


Yes, we certainly do!  And! We'll begin with poet Ram Chandran, Madurai, India...

     under sickle moon

     bumper crop

                       awaiting harvest

 the flavour of tea-

 the nimble fingers          sunset

 of the beautiful girls       boatman's pole


 poet John McDonald, Edinburgh, Scotland...                   (in Scots and English)

      faur aff lichtnin      far off lighting      

      troot                    trout

      lowpin                  leaping

anely hersel                 only herself

an the Yule cactus-  and the Christmas cactus-

lanely covid blues       lonely covid blues

      blythefou swalliae    happy swallow

      loosen throuch       looping through

      a mairchless lift     a borderless sky

 poet Mary Jo Balistreri, Waukesha, Wisconsin...

      just before dawn

      Pleiades opens the sky   

      the warbler's melody

                      first light

                      two sandhill cranes bugle

                      in silhouette

             autumn picnic

             ants picking up the cherry

             before I can

  poet Julie A. Dickson, Exeter, New Hampshire...



        Homeless, reminder of full belly,

        warmth sparse refuge provides

        barest shelter, man and rodent,


        shared forage of nuts, occasional

        bread crumbs, wizened hands

        that don't mind the company.

   poet Patrica Carragon, Brooklyn, New York...

  like cat's eyes

  doors to inner space

  open and shut              Kerouac kitty

                                poems unravel

                                like toilet paper

           feline etiquette

           humans must cater to cats

           never vice versa

Assistant editors, mewing,

'Our Brooklyn girl, Patricia Carragon, has earned several kitty kisses accompanied by 

       juicy kitty licks!"


poet t. kilgore splake, Calumet, Michigan...

     lost on treadmill journey

    endless minutes and miles

  escaping deeper into nowhere

                      early morning ambush

                      sudden view of reality

                    bathroom mirror reflection

          gust of November wind

           rattling bare branches

            taste of snow in air

 poet Adrain Bouter, Gouda, the Netherlands...


   poems in and out

   of reach             yarn ball

                          the cat stretching lazily

                          but just enough...

        lovesick moon

        one heartbeat away

        from being full

   poet Judith Nielsen, Longmont, Colorado...

       Winter Buddha

       Statue of Buddha

       sits peacefully

       beside the front door   

       now wearing a crown

       of freshly blown snow

                        Ghost Dance

                      tall, leafless aspen

                        cast evening shadows

                        across the frozen lake

                        sudden gust of and

                        and ghosts are dancing

                           over the water

   poet Pawel Markiewicz, Podlaski, Poland...

   butterflies in flight

   tender winglet in the rhythm

   of the falling rain


                     butterfly's winglet

                     - gentle touching of nectar

                     that I want to taste

              see you in a moment...

and, you can mail your poetry to:
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                PO Box 596
                Longmont, CO
                (SASE's are appreciated)

From other than the USA, email to and/or 
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