Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Poets!... Julie A. Dickson, Judith Nielsen, Joe Sebastian, Peggy Dugan French and Hafiz, Ram Chandran, Sarah Mahina Calvello, t. kilgore splake, and John McDonald!...

"Poetry!  Mister Editor, cats and their loved ones all need mewtiful poetry! and, treats!"

    Yes, noble assistant's Frosty and Tama!


           And we'll begin with poet

    Julie A.  DicksonExeter, New Hampshire...

         Daisy, summer smile

         Sunny center, outstretched petals

         Arms wide to embrace

poet Judith Nielsen
Longmont, Colorado...

            Lone Crow

            last scribbled note from you

         tucked inside my prayer book

            a gentle reminder — love is

            stronger than death

       poet Joe Sebastian, Chennai, India...

      sea shore wedding

      two synchronized gulls

      dip and dive

                     swept in

                     the hospice revolving door                          autumn leaves          


poet/editor Peggy Dugan French and Hafiz...  


     poet Ram Chandran, Madurai, India...  


     receding mist

     mountain shows up


                              I slowly walked                        

                              with a crab

    poet Sarah Mahina Calvello,         

                 San Francisco, California...

       Frosty circles

       Hang in the air

       New page, new chapter

                 Purist blue

                 The magnificence of a seashell                    Hidden winding staircase

   poet t. kilgore splake, Calumet, Michigan...

    new poet's success

 full wastebasket proof

    becoming a writer

                          endless night darkness

                            moon large enough

                           to hold poet's dreams

looking over zoo fence

imagining being in cage

 wolf outside and free

Kitty Kali: "Tell our friends, our poets, about John McDonald's           fine new poetry book!"...






                           JOHN MCDONALD


     licht through

     the hairs treen

     ...apenin her keel boax

                               light through

                         the autumn trees

                         ...opening her crayon box

         blythefou swallae

         loopin throuch

         a mairchless lift

                            happy swallow

                            looping through

                            a borderless sky

         yoga i the perk

         voar flores


                             yoga in the park -

                             spring flowers


              see you in a moment...

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