Sunday, May 23, 2021

poets!... Keiko Izawa, Amy Hrynchuk, Patricia Carragon, Kelley Jean White, Jimmy Pappas, Aftab Yusuf Shaikh, Judith Partin Nielsen, Rachael Ikins, and, Lin and Yuki...!

poet Keiko Izawa, Yokohama, Japan...

             opening a tuna can                

             for my sandwich

             a cat at my foot

Assistant editor Frosty, mewing,

"Lucky Keiko! Sharing her poem, and! a can of tuna, with her kitty!  We are long overdue for a poetry post, Mr. Editor, and! For treats!"

Yes, noble assistant editor, we are...     first, poetry!...        and then...       treats for all!

Frosty:  "Two more poems from Keiko!"...

                    afternoon gust

                    the doorman lets in a guest                         & a sycamore leaf                                    

      mom’s smiling photo...

      how difficult    

      to take things easy

  poet Amy Hrynchuk, Sherwood Park, Canada...

           Free Flow

           Let the river flow

               Let the emotions flow

           Let the dam crumble

               Let the walls crumble

           As the river flows

               Let the tears flow

           As the dam crumbles

               Let the barriers crumble

        'that (our) Brooklyn girl!', 

                poet Patricia Carragon...

           from her perch

           feline eyes follow you

           et tu, humane?


                     indoor cats eyeing

                     mourning dove’s nest

                     on neighbor’s a/c 

   at day’s end

   sunset drapes bricks

   cats wait for dinner


                             a graceful breeze 

                             massages fingers

                             of barren branches

      poet Kelley Jean White, Philadelphia,       Pennsylvania...


          beneath another

          April snowfall

          a nuthatch glares


                      daylight savings time

                      she tugs her tricycle

                      out of the snowbank


          flicker of moonlight—

          caught for a moment

          by the spider’s web


                           I want to set

                           the flowers free

poet Jimmy Pappas, Chichester, New Hampshire...

         old couple at bank still beautiful 

       first time skiing

       moose sliding

       on an icy road 

                            fire hydrant

                            a small boy

                            with arms spread

   poet Aftab Yusuf Shaikh, Mumbai, India...

          my angel has said

          the day you win your mad whim

          the devil is dead

    poet Judith Partin Nielsen, Longmont, Colorado...

               closing the circle

                 closing the circle 

                   of my life             

                   diameter once

                   vast as the horizon

                   now searching for

                   the radius of

                   that blessed path

                   leading to the

                   heart of Everything


          Sugar Wolf Loves U

          "Sugar Wolf loves u"

          homeless poet leaves

          his calling card --

          back side of the postal box

  poet Rachael IkinsBaldwinsville, New York...

              Toilet full of marigolds

                in a fallow cornfield

                   makes me laugh

and, last and first!          

Lin and Yuki, Keiko Izawa'rescue kitties!...

                  see you in a moment...

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Anonymous said...

assistant editor Kitty Kali, "Extra treats for our mewtiful poets!"

Bijay Kant Dubey said...

Whose artwork in the sweetly-scented jasmine,
Whose odour and aroma,
Whose caress and delicacy
See I in the jasmines blooming
Sweetly looking so lovelier and charming,
Pleasing to our core?

Anonymous said...

assistant editor Frosty: "As always, extra special treats for Sir Bijay!"

Brown-stone Poets said...

Wonderful issue. Thank you kitty crew. Bring on the treats. That brooklyn girl. Patricia

Anonymous said...

assistant editor's at bear creek haiku, Kali, Frosty, and, Tama- "Today's purring is all about our Brooklyn Princess, Patricia Carragon!"

Peggy French said...

Another wonderful selection, treats for all and thanks for sharing all this great work.

Anonymous said...

Kitties of her creek haiku..."Extra treats and purrrrrs for our dear friend Peggy!"