Thursday, March 25, 2021

poets!... John R Parsons, Jeanne Shannon, Nancy L. Dahl, Judith Partin Nielsen, Julie A. Dickson, Patricia Carragon, James Penha, t. kilgore splake, and Mary Jo Balistreri!...

 poet John Parsons, E. Sussex,               

                               United Kingdom...

in this old leather 

coat a coin now        as the fox arcs

                           over tussocks, its tail     out of date too

                           completes the flow

            standing on hills

            beneath the cold grey skies

            heartened by the rise

            and soar of a buzzard

  poet Jeanne Shannon,               

                         Albuquerque, New Mexcio...

              Bee Songs

              I thought I was alone

              in the shimmering

              sunlight of the orchard

              then I came near

              the flowering peach tree

              and heard

              the hum of multitudes

              among its blossoms

Noble assistant editor Tama, mewing, "More poets, Mister Editor!  Kitties and peoples need much more poetry!  And! Appropriate treats!"

    poet Nancy L. Dahl, Ypsilanti, Michigan...




                      WE CAN PUT A SMILE

                      ON SOMEONE'S FACE

                      WITH A WINK OF AN EYE

  poet Judith Partin Nielsen,       

                           Longmont, Colorado...

          Each Day

          each day a poem

          breeze ruffling my hair

          a glimpse of mountains

          behind floating cloud silhouettes

          afternoon sun through the window

          falling cross the empty pages

               waiting on my desk

poet Julie A. Dickson, Exeter, New Hampshire...

           Even behind closed eyes,
           I can still see the full moon
           etched on my retinas, beneath
           my eyelids like indelible
           marker on a windshield

poet Patricia Carragon, Brooklyn, New York...

    on a blanket of leaves
    neighborhood kittens
    play hide-and-seek     Kerouac kitty 
                                poems unravel
                                like toilet paper

         poet James Penha, Bali, Indonesia...

    volume and pages:
    a book is for all seasons
    a measure of mind
                      arranging ourselves
                      across music of the spheres
                      the maestro awaits

   poet t. kilgore splake, Calumet, Michigan...

   soft morning light
  fresh violet blossoms
   praying to the sun   
                          early morning mist
                          dew on spider webs
                        hanging in river shadows

poet Mary Jo Balistreri, Waukesha, Wisconsin...

       Wind soughs through the evergreens.
       A black feather floats down.

                     see you in a moment...

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Bijay Kant Dubey said...

I too shall go away
As they have before me,
I just see the highlands and the downlands,
Fields and fallows,
Rocks, stones, trees and rivers
Whose part am I,
An indivisible part of
The landscape and scenery.

Anonymous said...

"Extra treats for Bijay!" the kitties clamor...!

Brown-stone Poets said...

thx for this honor again.

yes, a magnificent issue. yes, extra treats for the kitty staff.

patricia, that brooklyn girl

Anonymous said...

Tama, purring: Many extra treats for our precious Brooklyn girl!

Jo Balistreri said...

A inspiration to read the poetry of our lives.
Thanks for the honor of being here too, editors and kitties.

How you add to our lives! Treats all the way around.


Bijay Kant Dubey said...

Who am I,
Where have I come from
And where shall I go away?
I know these not
Nor have anybody conveyed to me
So far,
Clueless stand I here
For ages and ages,
No answer,
Answer less stand I
Waiting for the answer
To be given to me.