Saturday, February 13, 2021

poets!... t. kilgore splake, r. soos, Nancy L. Dahl, Judith Partin Nielsen, Jeanne Shannon, Sarah M. Calvello, James B. Peters, Julie Dickson, Marlon Jackson, and Gökhan Tok!...


Assistant editors Frosty and Tama, mewing, "Poetry!  Kitties and their loved ones need their Valentine's Day poems, and! special treats, Mister Editor!"     Yes, noble assistants!                    And! let's begin!...

  poet t. kilgore splake, Calumet, Michigan...

    pulling her close
    first dawn rising      weeding the garden.
  drifting off to sleep     I pull up mystery.

     poet r. soos, Joshua Tree, California...

         you bring the riches
         of a word or a number explained
         only in your song

    poet Nancy l. Dahl, Ypsilanti, Michigan...


                  KINDNESS IS THE KEY                                 THAT OPENS THE DOORS  
                  TO DREAMS IN LIFE

  poet Judith Partin Nielsen,        
                           Longmont Colorado...

                   Face of a Buddha (2)
                   among the orchids
                   face of Buddha appears
                   nothing extra
                     just there

                New Life
       grief -- hidden underground   
        tangled like the roots
        of a tree, sometimes            
        nurturing fragile new life                          
editor's Kitty Kali, Frosty, and Tama...
                       "We love's you, Judith!"

  poet Jeanne Shannon
                      Albuquerque, New Mexico...
       Bee Songs

       I thought I was alone
       in the shimmering
       sunlight of the orchard

       then I came near
       the flowering tree

       and heard
       the hum of multitudes
       among its blossoms

     poet Sarah M. Calvello
                     San Francisco, California...

       Outside the window
       The garden lies in disarray
       With it's mismatched secrets

                           Forgotten dreams
                           Watercolor sky
                           Lonely and alive

   noble assistant editor
   Tama selects       
      this next poem...

   poet James B. Peters,
             Cottontown, Tennessee...

         Winter Ode to a Gray Cat

       All you want is a heating vent,
       a heating vent, a heating vent.
       All you want is a heating vent
       to call your very own.
       All you want is a heating vent,   
       a heating vent, a heating vent.
       All you want is a heating vent
       to sleep on all day long.

  poet Julie Dickson, Exeter, New Hampshire...

    Spinning wheel looming
    Flax spun to gold, words shine
    Brilliant yarn of truth

                          Flowers under snow
                          Wait patiently, sleep
                          Spring sun awakens

     poet Marlon Jackson, Bronx, New York...

    I love to be in my bed
    Watching movies relaxing
    Cuddled together with my loved one

      poet Gökhan Tok, Ankara, Turkey...


          You never hear it
          but at breakfast the sweetest talk
          is between the jam and the honey.

                       see you in a moment...

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Brown-stone Poets said...

another fine issue from the kitty team.

Valentine treats for all =^^=


Anonymous said...

Kitty Kali, Tama, Frosty..."Happy Valentine's Dry, every day! for our dear 'that Brooklyn girl', Patricia Carragon!!"

Bijay Kant Dubey said...

On Valentine's Day
When I kissed
The cheeks of hers,
The sweet cheeks of hers
Gifting roses,
Making the promise,
With the hug, embrace and the sweet kiss,
Whispering into the ears,
I am yours, you are mine,
You are mien, I am yours.

Bijay Kant Dubey said...

On Valentine's Day
I cannot help without saying,
I love you,
I love you,
I love you, love you, love you,
Love you, love you.

Anonymous said...

thank you, Bijay! Lovely poems!

Jo Balistreri said...

What a beautiful Valentine’s greeting. So many poems. I’m re-reading then this morning and enjoying them with a cup of tea.

Congratulations to the poets, the kitties, the editors.

Belated Happy Valentine’s Dya.

Peggy French said...

What a a lovely collection of poems, thank you for brightening up the day. Cheers to all and treats all around!

Anonymous said...

our happy editorial assistant, Kitty Kali, Frosty, and Tama: "Extra treats and lots of sweets for Mary Jo and Peggy Dugan, are two most favorite poets and friends!"