Monday, April 13, 2020

bear creek haiku poets: Dennis Rhodes, Anna Yin, Chris Faiers, Kevin Gu, t kilgore splake, John MacDonald, Rumi, Nancy L Dahl, Patricia Carragon, Cathy Porter, Rochelle S Cohen, r soos, and, Judith Partin-Nielsen...

    Noble assistant editor Tama, mewing! "Poetry!,
    Mister Editor! We all need poetry!  And treats!            Mixed with loving embraces and belly rubs!"

YES, Tama! And we'll begin with poet Dennis Rhodes, Naples, Florida...


                Expunge all hatred
                from your heart until only
                the human, remains.

                     poet Anna Yin, Toronto, Canada...

   into a dream
   cherry blossoms bright
   I think of you

               in the balcony
               someone plays a saxophone
               until dawn

   waiting in silence
   the cure for panic
   except for poetry and a distance hope?

  poet Chris Faiers, Marmora, Canada...

 coal smoke, thermos tea
 tabloid ink

     Squatting in the ozone air
     by the rock field fence
                                              tiny perfect flowers at my feet

  poet Kevin Gu, Hopkintin, Massachusetts...


         the falling stars shine
         brightly under the willows
         fingertips touch light

  poet t kilgore splake, Calumet, Michigan...

reading poem to himself
  silent unheard sounds
    gentle music of the soul

                    others lost in dreams
                    you just went ahead
                    started writing poetry

      poet John MacDonald
                   Edinburgh, Scotland...

      the canule          the candle
      an the fluit         and the flute
      ...dervish lowe      ...dervish flame


    Come to the orchard in Spring
    There is light and wine
    and sweethearts in the
    pomegranate flowers.
    If you do not come,
    these do not matter.
    If you do come,
    these do not matter.

ayaz daryl nielsen
and Ypsilanti, Michigan's         

quiet, shallow creek
the secrets of
small pebbles


snow shovel 
                                                         under the snow

                                         WINTER ARRIVES
                                         TIME TO WORK NOW
                                         I'M ONLY A SHOVEL

    poet Patricia Carragon, Brooklyn, New York...

      in the warm bed
      the tuxedo cat curls up
      into a ball

                   spring knows green
                           the buds on the trees
                                    the blades of grass

           poet Cathy Porter, Omaha, Nebraska...

                 Roses in the snow
                 Defy the calendar
                 Rebels with a cause

      poet Rochelle S Cohen, Marlton, New Jersey...

                A Dutch Haiku

                 Girl with Pearl Earring
                 Masterpieces by the artists
                 Vermeer and Oyster

      poet r soos, Joshua Tree, California...


               you pick the flowers
               from the garden of my heart
               proud of your singing

                              poet Judith Partin-Nielsen
                                    Longmont, Colorado...

                           The Hope Of It                       

                               Where is the beauty, the Hope
                               in the horror of it, you ask.
                               Underneath a hard, bitter
                               casement of seed is there
                               an invisible bloom, a bud
                               not yet conceived--
                               a fragrance only in
                               the mind's eye.
                               Are we the hope of it?


see you in a moment...

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Brown-stone Poets said...

Treats for the kitties!

stay safe.


Anonymous said...

and you, be careful, we're all too fond of you for anything intolerable,unpleasant to even get near you- treats!

P C K PREM said...

Make interesting and meaningful read...thank you all.

p c k prem

Anonymous said...

P C K, be safe, best to your day(s)!

Bijay Kant Dubey said...

What the silences let off
To be meant for?
An age to come, an age to go
And definitely will be the change there
To be marked?
Friend, why are you silent today,
Has something happened to you?
As are the things of the world,
As thus will they be.

Anonymous said...

the very best to your day(s) and night(s), Bijay!

P C K PREM said...

I thank the unknown noble man for the good wishes and...
I heartily reciprocate feelings he expressed.
I wish everyone happy and healthy times. Let us
kill the bug.


Anonymous said...

yes! soon, happy, healthy lives for all of us!

Jules said...


Stay safe all...

Anonymous said...

Kitty Kali, insisting, "you, too, friend Jules!"...