Monday, April 20, 2020

bear creek haiku poets... Bob Petras, Dennis Rhodes, Pogo, toma rosen, Rebecca Lilly, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Patricia Carragon, artist Paula Yup, t. kilgore splake, Patricia Olson, Ajša Džemila Zahirović, Carl Mayfield, artist Ed Markowski, and Don Wentworth...

     Noble Assistant Editor The Froster, mewing,
     "Poetry, Mister Editor! We need to share 
     the special treats of poets and their poems!"

Sir Froster! We'll begin with Bob PetrasToledo, Ohio...

                 pandemic spring
                 can't tell the blossoms 
                 from the snow

        And!  poet Dennis Rhodes, Naples, Florida...                   
                         All of my life
                         the night has spoken to me
                         in poetic whispers.                  

             My heart becomes                      
             a radio telescope
             searching the heavens.

                          I listen keenly
                          for life on other planets,
                          beneath the noise.

             As for earth itself
             I ask the aching question:
             can life be sustained?

poet ayaz daryl nielsen, Longmont, Colorado...


             There are lakes of emerald waters
             where harbingers soak their weary feet
             I can hear their long sad sighs.

          poet Pogo, 8th St. Interchange, Denver, Colorado...

                        more and more now
                        taking the stairs
                        one at a time...

    poet toma rosen, Mt Baldy Zen Center, California...

                       gentle rain
                       through the night--

                       morning's warming smile
                       reveals a lone snail
                       his thoughtful journey
                       along the window sill and
                       on into
                       his unassuming day...

               poet Rebecca Lilly, of Pine, Rock, and Fog...

    That moment, the owl                  A glimpse of well-being
    left us behind.  Woods settle;         through the flux of inner and 
    the downstream silence.               outer, through seemings.

           poet Judith Partin-Nielsen,        poet Patricia Carragon
           Longmont, Colorado...                 Brooklyn, New York...

           wanting to go home                   like cat's eyes                  
           longing toward that place            doors to inner space
           now only remembered                 open and shut
           still, I see the horizon

poet t. kilgore splake, Calumet, Michigan...

              paris dream

            open air markets

           vendors with stalls

           street corner kiosks

      books  newspapers  magazines

               outdoor tables

                brasserie lipp

         saint germain boulevard

            poet sipping cognac

           with papa hem's ghost

   poet Patricia Olson, Ward, Colorado...

          I want to walk with you
          On the new moon and in the full
          To count stars
          Or let moonbeams lead the way

    poet Ajša Džemila Zahirović
              Bosnia and Herzegovina...

              You, in a far away country!
              Stop by.
                                                     The sky has many hues.
      artist Paula Yup,
      Spokane, Washington

     poet Carl Mayfield, Rio Rancho, New Mexico...


                 In her presence my speech
                 sounded like warm oatmeal
                 poured over a warm coyote.
                 The way she turned her head
                 made the world wobble, dissolve.

                 I had been recused from myself,
                 helpless to get out of the way.

     poet Don Wentworth, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...

     morning glory
     threading barbed wire --
     blossom, you fool!

                              no time like the present no time

     one noble truth leaf after leaf after leaf
                                                                     artist Ed Markowski,                                                               Auburn Hills, Michigan


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Anonymous said...

A lamp of hope
I see it burning,
A lamp of hope and joy
Keeping up the promises
As ever
As made and promised before,
Let there be light and there was light.

p c k prem said...

Words of joy and light...enjoyable. Thanks.

p c k prem

Anonymous said...

assistant editor Kitty Kali, "always a joy to hear from you, p c k"...

Brown-stone Poets said...

thx again kitty crew for this pawesome edition and for posting my haiku.

muchos meows from Brooklyn,