Friday, January 31, 2020

poets! Dennis Rhodes, Kelley Jean White, t. kilgore splake, Cathy Porter, Jane Stuart, Rick Smith, James B. Peters, Ed Markowski, Corey D. Cook, Darrell Lindsey, Judith Partin-Nielsen! Patricia Carragon's MEOWKU!

      noble assistant editor Kitty Kali: "A new poetry post! And I'll just do it!"

        poetry from the noble poets of print bear creek haiku #160. . .

poet Dennis Rhodes, Naples, Florida...

         Mr. Buff

          My friend David once had a cat.
          His name was Mr. Buff.  He was
          a portly feline welcome mat.
          He couldn't get enough
          affection.  He was charismatic,
          loved humans dearly.
          He was ecstatic
          when his belly was being rubbed:
          purred like a lawnmower.
          Gray as a rainy day,
          was never known to
          scare a mouse
          much less catch one!

          I would 
          sometimes feed Mr. Buff
          when David was away.  So
          cool and sophisticated that cat
          was--loved Fancy Feast and
          washed it down
          with Chardonnay.

    (with able assists from poet pl. wick
                      and! CASAS Aninal Shelter Pawprints Quarterly #52)

poet Kelley Jean White
         Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...            
                                                        poet t. kilgore splake,
I thought of death                                     Calumet, Michigan...
as a great cold stillness               
now I see her                                        others lost in dreams
as a strong but gentle wind                           
warm enough, cool enough, for song.             you just went ahead
                                                        started writing poetry

                          reading poem to himself    
                          silent unheard sounds

                          gentle music of soul

 poet Cathy Porter, Omaha, Nebraska...

           The best advice
           Knows its place            Happy barks
           In the room               Senior dog

        poet Jane Stuart, Greenup, Kentucky...

in the forest                  Flowers in the snow...
before sunrise                tiny crocus
trees talk of another        dressed in bright sunlight
snowy day
                      Earth turns
                       shadows fall
                        a cloudlit sky
                         the waning moon

poet Rick Smith
Alta Loma, California...       She speaks no English
                                  just perfect Spanish and French.
                                  Somehow we manage.

     Desperate coyote,
     he jumps at a crescent moon,
                               he smells it from here. 

  poet James B. Peters,                            poet Ed Markowski,
Cottontown, Tennessee...                             Chicago, Illinois...           

    ALMOST-KU                                    Essence

    almost 5 a.m.                                        On                  
    the rooster crowing                                 the
    in the barnyard
almost the end of the road                            and
the last house
before the river                                          outside
    almost home
    from the back seat                                  this
    are we there yet                                     full

in the morning                                          length
frost on the lawn                                       mirror
almost winter
    more than eighty years                              thing
    almost the end
    of a good life                                       about
    Just a minute                              
  As another haiku                                       is
       Matures                                             an



poet Corey D. Cook, East Thetford, Vermont...

    nightly pilgrimage to the bar   neighbors' sprinklers go tsk tsk tsk

                                  in his lapel                    
                                  a heart-shaped leaf
                                  golden anniversary


                noble assistant the Froster:                                
                "Mister Editor, us kitties are mewing
                        and prancing, too!  We're going
                               to complete this new post!"

             poet Darrell Lindsey,
                   Nachodoches, Texas...

                                sumi-e mountains
                                a blackbird tries to fly
                                from the drying ink...

                          "and!," mews assistant editor Frosty,                            
                             "a poem from our beloved 
                                 Judith Partin-Nielsen"...
                             to enter                                                 
                             that fortress of stone                                          
                             to be seen
                             and known and needed
                             for even those things                                    
                             that are lacking.  To
                             climb its towers of beauty
                             and open its ornate doors
                             that lead deeper and deeper
                             into the paths of belonging.

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Friday, January 10, 2020

Peggy Dugan French and Jacob Nordby, Ed Markowski, Julie A. Dickson, Episteme and Ms. Neetu Kapoor, Jeanne Shannon, Ondjante and Pablo Neruda, Teresinka Pereira, Judith Partin-Nielsen, S. Liaqath Peeran, Don Wentworth, r soos, Peggy Dugan French, and, Rumi!


 assistant editor Kitty Kali:
"Mister Editor, we are two or three blog posts behind, and! We have enough poetry from our beloved poets for two (or more) bear creek print issues!
Plus!!   The litter box   desperately needs intervention/

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poet/editor/dear friend Peggy Dugan French and one of her Friday Posts!

noble assistant editors! am wondering if Peggy could also circumambulate the litter box...

a united response from noble assistant editor's Frosty and Tama...
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poet Ed Markowski, Auburn Hills, Michigan...

Dinner For One                  

order                                    from Julie A. Dickson,
                                          Exeter, New Hampshire...                           martinis                                          
                                          Scattered Ash
six.                                       Mem'ries of past pain
                                           Blow as scattered ash
assistant editor Tama:                 Flow from me enmasse 
"Ed, order one                         Today begins again.
for Mister Editor,
Once Our Litter                         noble assistant Frosty:                     
Box Is Clean..."                         "Julie lives with two of our
                                          very best friends, 16 year old
                                          Isee, and Cam (a 6 year old 
                                          rescue kitty- blessings, Julie)

above from a most favorite online home for our poetry, Episteme, Bharat College of Arts and Commerce, Ms. Neetu Kapoor, Chief Editor...

poet Jeanne Shannon, Albuquerque, New Mexico...

Moon Shadows

On the roof at dusk
a cat with fur
the color of a shadow                Catalpa Tree
and eyes
the color of the moon.                Its leaves
                                           a forest
                                           of green hearts.

                Some Scientific Cats

              Newton dozes in the orchard,
                and you can guess what happens.

                Faraday objects to riding in his carrier,
                complains that it's a cage.
                But knows it shields him
                from canines at the vet's.

                Maxwell inscribes equations
                on his scratching post,
                grooms his electromagnetic fur.

                Einstein says it's all relative
                and takes a nap.

   poet Ondjante...    "and when I write I fall into the page
                           as if it were water"

   poet Pablo Neruda...    "When I am writing
                                I am not here
                                and when I return
                                I am gone"

poet Teresinka Pereira,
Ottawa Hills, Ohio...

NEW YEAR                             poet Judith Partin-Nielsen,
2020                                    Longmont, Colorado...
Let us adopt                    
a new way                                  Longing                  
to look at the world,                     to enter                                       
as we know that                           that fortress of stone                         
the human condition                      to be seen                       
deserves an effort                         and known and needed
of understanding,                         for even those things
a search for love                          that are lacking.  To
and easy compassion                     climb its towers of beauty                     
towards the people                        and open its ornate doors
who suffer poverty                        that lead deeper and deeper
and lack of education.                  into the paths of belonging.
The New Year is a new
opportunity to gain
the happiness lottery!                                         

        poet S. Liaqath Peeran, 
                  Bengaluru, India...

        Welcome 2020

        A year of turmoil, agitation
        Will pass into oblivion
        To usher in a New 2020.
        A year of unity, harmony.
        Of love and friendship.
        Of compromise and wisdom.
        Of sweet memories.
        Of happiness and joys.
        A year to shun hatred
        A beginning of enlightenment,
        Of prosperity and amity.
        Let us all join in welcoming 2020.

            poet Don Wentworth
                   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...

  The variegated willow stem -
  you, too, leaning 
  into the light.

                    every spring bud blooms
                    into its selves
                    and you.

                                 plenty of room left
                                 in the thimble
                                 full of knowing

poet/editor r soos, Joshua Tree, California... 

you bring the riches
of a word or number explained          direct
only in your song                  
                                               linger by the sea 
                                               with arms raised to the music 
                                               conducting the waves

again!  Peggy Dugan French, and, Rumi!...


     Noble assistant editors!  We've all earned extra treats!  
                Frosty, mewing, "and, we've a fresh, aromatic litter box!"

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