Sunday, December 27, 2020

poets!... Kelley Jean White, Claudia Keelan, John Parsons, Wayne F Burke, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Jane Stuart, Ed Markowski, Mary Jo Balistreri, Patricia Carragon, and r soos!...

Noble assistant Kitty Kali, meeewwwwwingggg, "Poetry!  Poetry, Mister Editor!  Kitties, people, the dog next door, the bear who lives beside bear creek, even hamsters, need their poetry!"

Yes, thank you, Kitty, so!  Let's begin with poet Kelley Jean White!...

  poet Kelley Jean White, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...

   left the city                             spun cocoon

   left the town, even the village        who waits

   glad now of a dirt road               inside?

    Kelley's poems from Spun Cocoon, Origami Poems Project

             poet Claudia Keelan, Las Vegas, Nevada...



                       It was love

                       and then it was poetry

                       but it was poetry

                       that believed in love.

                       It was doubt and then

                       well, it was faith

                       but it was poetry

                       we worried the beads of.

                       It was life and then

                       - or before then?

                       in the actual face of,

                       in the deep pilings of

                       fallen in the bagged old city of -

                       and then it was life -

                       savaged in the mouthings,

                       scraped in the garbage tin

                       of, eaten in the holy, oh holy day of -

                       it was life, but it was poetry

                       we closed her lids with.

     poet John Parsons, East Sussex, United Kingdom...

       clear evening skies             old badger's path

       a new moon gently holds      dog tooth violets

       our shadow's presence          line it with blooms

          poet Wayne F Burke, Barre, Vermont...

  drooping heads of sunflowers    pigeons flying off the

  bowing                               lawn, a round of applause

  to the inevitable                    I did nothing to deserve

poet Judith Partin-Nielsen
Longmont, Colorado...

   Each Day

    each day a poem

    breeze ruffling my hair

    a glimpse of mountains

    behind floating cloud silhouettes

    afternoon sun through the window

    falling cross the empty pages

         waiting on my desk

                  Wedding Dress

          wedding dress still hanging

            in the back of the closet

             all these glorious years

 poet Jane Stuart, Greenup, Kentucky...

                 Twisted lips


                 upside down

       poet Ed Markowski, Auburn Hills, Illinois...

  harvest moon                house of mirrors              

     still, the scarecrow          the shady character

        sleeps on its feet            my shadow comes home to

    poet Mary Jo Balistreri, Waukesha, Wisconsin...

       blazing firewood          frosted window panes

        we drink cider            spangles of dreamscapes

          with a bite               like antique lace

     poet Patricia Carragon, Brooklyn, New York...

           sleeping kittens          tails of tomcats

           on the bed                territorial showdown

           furball quilt               Brooklyn howl

               poet r soos, Joshua Tree, Califoria...

    poets                            peace

    sleep in the morning            silencing the mind

    with precise humility            passing as focused wisdom

    haunting their old dreams      when life moves too fast


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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Poets!... Cathy Porter, Khalil Gibran, Don A Ryan, Rochelle S. Cohen, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Mary Jo Balistreri, Peggy Dugan French and Leonard Nimoy, John McDonald, and 'that Brooklyn girl' Patrica Carragon!...


Assistant editors Frosty         and Tama, mewing!!!...

"Poetry, Mister Editor! Kitties, people, all our friends worldwide and beyond need their 
poetry! Poets and poems, Mister Editor!"

  Yes, noble assistants!  So true, and! Let's begin write now!...

             poet Cathy Porter, Omaha, Nebraska...

          under the leaves           the yellow rose

          laughter                     of friendship

          childhood echoes          first base for lovers

   Happy barks       The cardinal         On my lap

   Senior dog        In the snow          7 pounds of comfort

   Adopted           chirps comfort       purring

             poet Don A Ryan, Chicago, Illinois...

        QUEEN BEE
        Has hundreds of Sugar          Wink at a star
        Daddies bringing home the     & it will wink back.
        Honey each day.

     poet Rochelle S. Cohen, Marlton, New Jersey...

           Or, did fate already write her story as she
         guilelessly glides toward a destiny in waiting?
         When our own autumn arrives, we contemplate
     our life's game of hopscotch.  Where the pebble landed, 
     how well we hopped through the course.  Crisp autumn 
     winds swirl the lingering leaves over the pastel court.
                      There's no turning back.

  poet Judith Partin-Nielsen, Longmont, Colorado...

                Sugar Wolf
                  "Sugar Wolf loves u"
                     homeless poet leaves
                     his calling card --
                     back side of the postal box                                                                    

poet Mary Jo Balistreri, Waukesha, Wisconsin...

Afterwards, I never saw you again.
An unmarked box.  An unmarked common grave.
Forgive us.  We had no money.

They gave us your birth certificate.
We inscribed your name, Daniel Joseph.
You were clothed in love.

I remember your high cheekbones, shock
of black hair.  It was your father's.
He's gone now, too.

           I SAY YES  
            Shimmering but cold, late afternoon rides
            across day.  Pushed by wind, the Gulf moves
            fast but without ripples.  And though the wind
            negates the sun's warmth, it cannot erase
            the diamond-dazzle or sheen of light
            swallowing sailboats in its maw.
            Gerard Manley Hopkins comes in on a wave--
            on a wave his concept of inscape, living into
            the thing, living into this blinding brightness,
            entombed in its womb--saltwater sea,
            amniotic fluid, floating cloud.         
            I cannot explain what's happening or the rise 
            of joy.  But I can say Yes, Yes to everything.

   Peggy Dugan French and Leonard Nimoy...

          poet John McDonald, Edinburgh, Scotland...

  deep i the wuids           deep in the woods
  a bob of daffins           a bunch of daffodils           
  ringit roon wi caunles    surrounded by candles

         a harplin chiel                a limping man
         amang the craws             among the crows sweein in hermony     ...all swaying in harmony

Noble assistant editor Frosty: "Kitty poems from our own dear 'that Brooklyn girl', Patricia Carragon!"...

  eyes of the cat witch               by the window          
  hypnotize her devotees             a snowflake meltdown 
  cuteness wins more treats         amuses the cat

                         Brooklyn felines
                     comes with the territory

         And, last! From Kitty Kali, Frosty, Tama, Judith, and ayaz daryl, from each and all here at Bear Creek...

                   see you in a moment...

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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

poets!... pl. wick, James B. Peters, Jane Stuart, t. kilgore splake, Robert Ligerman, Jo Balistreri, Patricia Carragon, Judith Partin-Nielsen, and Dzogchen Ponlop!...

 Noble assistant editor Kitty Kali, mewing loudly,  "Poets and their poetry, Mister Editor! Kitties, people, even the neighbor's dog need poetry, and their treats, today, Mister Editor!"

Yes, so true, Kali... and!, let's begin with our friend                                pl. wick, Empire, Colorado...

        a traveler's journey         breathing deeply         

        ends not                     perhaps                    

        at the horizon               the same faint-salt air

                                        inhaled by Steinbeck

      poet James B. Peters, Cottontown, Tennessee...

             Christmas,                      the pines

           all the people                    slow the winds

       I didn't see last year               snow drifts.

            poet Jane Stuart, Greenup, Kentucky...

             In the library            Breath of autumn

             books tell stories        what lasts

             after dark            is memory

poet t. kilgore splake, Calumet, Michigan...

        welcoming morning

     chasing new adventures

      days anything possible

            sandhill cranes

       dark powerful shadows

          early morning mist

      quiet wilderness morning

          while forest silent

        feeling energy of life

             rather scars

             than moderation

             in everything

 poet Robert Ligerman, North Hollywood, California...

                          "Chicago Haikus"

     the Windy City                    Brown leatherette couch

     skyscrapers rise in twilight      Chicago group therapy

     book store's glass window       coffee urn empty

                         The hanging silence

                          a moment of clarity

                          in my apartment

        poet Jo Balistreri, Waukesha, Wisconsin...


           Back and forth, back and forth, a mermaid slivers

           through the crystalline breadth of ocean.

           For almost an hour, she curves left arm,

           right, lifts her face to the air, the splayed

           red hair to the light. She propels herself with ease,

           so smooth she seems fused in motion.

           Something other, she is the perfect phrase

           of a Mozart sonata, awe the only response.

           Perhaps this is what is meant by grace,

           this unexpected transparency lifting, lifting

           until certainty is no longer important

           and all that remains is the real.

      poet Patricia Carragon, Brooklyn, New York...

         cattitude                      Christmas madness

         escalates on Hanukkah      the cat ignores

         oy vey iz mir                 everyone

   poet Judith Partin-Nielsen, longmont, Colorado...

                    Winter Woman

                      skin of golden ash

                      mystery of face

                      abstracted in beauty

                      loosened chignon of promise

                      graceful ellipses of waist, 

                      widening to hips opening 

                      like the mouth of a river

                      giving birth to the world

            poet Dzogchen Ponlop, Rinpoche...

                        see you in a moment...

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