Friday, December 20, 2019

poets Rochelle S. Cohen, Tuharan, Jane Stuart, t. kilgore splake, Angelee Deodhar, pl wick, Don Wentworth, Pablo Neruda, r soos, and, the touch of Florence Nightingale...

                           poet Rochelle S. Cohen,
                              Marlton, New Jersey...                                      

          A Swedish jellyfish named Inga
          Was known in the depths as a swinga
          The stunning Medusa
          She couldn't be loosa
          Would love ya' and leave ya' and sting ya'

                                            A Dutch Haiku

                                            Girl with Pearl Earring
                                            Masterpiece by the artists
                                            Vermeer and Oyster

and, as always, we love and miss you, Rex...

                              poet Tuharan...

                     That Angel Talked Like A Sailor

                What part of heaven did she come from?
                      That angel talked like a sailor
                            and she was dressed

                     I can't even repeat the things she said,
                or picture once more the shape of her breasts.
                           Though I know one thing:
                              My fear of dying has


      noble assistant editor Tama, mewing,
            "More kitties, Mister Editor!
                 Not enough kitties in this post!"

our heartfelt thank you to Angelee Deodhar's addressing this editor's aberrant lack of kittiness...                         we miss you...

poet Jane Stuart, Greenup, Kentucky...

           My sleigh flies                                   Tumbleweeds
           through a meadow       Earth answers       made of snow--
           made for flowers         to the song          a cold mirage
                                        of silver bells

poet t. kilgore splake, Calumet, Michigan...

         winter silhouettes                                      
         bitter wind blowing                       others lost in dreams   
         music of bare branches                   you just went ahead    
                                                       started writing poetry

assistant editor Kitty Kali, stating,
"Mister Editor, that's yet another of your own haiga you've snuck into this post!"

OK, yes, noble assistant editor, but!  Angelee Deodhar formatted them...

Kitty Kali, "Well... that makes it ok..."


     poet pl wick, Empire, Colorado...

         a small gap at
     the base of the cabin wall--
     winter's gusts sneak in
     bringing soft fuscous mice
     for company

                         late October
                         winter preparations--
                         wood-stove dust
                         oily creosote-black
                         soiled clothes and hair
                         ahhh--but a beer
                         awaits  chill and tempting
                         in the garage fridge...

                         ohhh great

                         the wife decides
                         it's time for  that
                         spontaneous dinner out--
                         reservations  maître d'
                         linen napkins and
                            import wine...

poet Don Wentworth, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania...

   one noble truth leaf after leaf after leaf

               near frozen rain                     just beyond reach
               beads on the leafless maple--      just within reach
               so, too, with love                     everything
               each little drop
               refracts the light           
                                           spring maple   key to my heart

poet Pablo Neruda...

When I am writing                poet r soos, Joshua Tree, California... 
I am not here
and when I return                forms
I am gone.          
                                      some want to be trees    
                                      others want to be leaves
                                      and each one belongs

see you in a moment...

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Brown-stone Poets said...

Christmas Treats to Tama, Frosty, and Kitty Kali.

PS: I share the same birthday with Florence Nightingale

Anonymous said...

wow! two magnificent women with the same birth day!

Jules said...

Merry Lights and Warm Nights
from Pennsylvania

Anonymous said...

Santa loves Pennsylvania! So do the kitties that ride on his sleigh! (from Kitty Kali)

Unknown said...

Daar Ayaz Daryl and Judith and Tama, Kitty Kali and Frosty,

Thank you so much for posting a picture of Rex's painting on the last issue and thinking of him and me. It means the world to me. Thank you for posting my limerick and haiku on this issue. I am so honored. And, of course, for remembering Rex again. He would be bursting with pride. Perhaps, he is...

With warm regards for a Happy Holiday and Happy, Healthy and Fruitful New Year,

Anonymous said...

We love's you, Rochelle!

Peggy said...

Great selection, as always, Happy New Year! Treats for all.

Anonymous said...

a belated but elated HAPPY NEW YEAR TO you, your's, and all your worthy
creative endeavors, Peggy!