Saturday, October 26, 2019

Karla Linn Merrifield's BASTET, Mahatma Gandhi, Celine Rose Mariotti, David Schreibman, r. soos, Martha Christina, Dennis Rhodes, Sarah Mahina Calvello, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Teresinka Pereira, a Native American Prayer, a Shona Prayer, and, blessings of faerie Moon Goddess!

assistant editors Frosty and
Tama: "it's Halloween, Mister Editor!   And we've just the kitty
to create a post for us!          
Karla Linn Merrifield's  Bastet!"

mighty fine, noble assistants...                    let's be about it!!

Bastet... "Thank you! Happy mewing and plentiful treats for all this Halloween!  And, surprise! We begin with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi..."

                 Love is the strongest force the world possesses,
                       and yet it is the humblest imaginable.

And, now! The poets and poems of bear creek haiku print pub. #159...

poet Celine Rose Mariotti, San Francisco,
A Dream

The nighttime comes                           poet David Schreibman        
I fall asleep,                                    San Francisco, California...    
I see things in my dreams,
Sometimes my dreams                          I hear coyote      
Predict the future.                              Joyful urban encounter
Other times I see loved ones                  of kindred spirits.
Who have passed away,        
                They're smiling,
I see it all in my dreams.            poet r. soos,
                                          Joshua Tree, California...

                                          just like my poems
                                          the songs of coyotes
                                          lack truth when written


         Now, our 'often annoying neighbor kitty'
         insists we share with you a photo 
         of the lady she shares her home with... (!)

assistant editor Kitty Kali:  "I saw her buzzing around the neighborhood a bit ago, so, she's improved her technique, and the tree, also, will recover"...

                          from the cover of
                          bear creek haiku #159,
                          poet Martha Christina,
                          Bristol, Rhode Island...

                         OCTOBER ARRIVES                   
                            the weather 
                            turned cool enough
                            for hot soup and tea.
                            My cat, named
                            for this month,
                            settles on my lap,
                            and I'm grateful
                            for the comfort

                            of her added warmth. 

The Buddha
6th Century B. C. E.

Think of all this fleeting world;
A star at dawn, a bubble in the stream
A flash of lightning in a summer cloud,
A flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream.

                         Native American Prayer

                            Let me learn the lessons
                            You have hidden in every leaf and rock.

              Shona Prayer (Zimbabwe)

                Who sews the heaven like cloth:
                May you knit together that which is below.

poet Dennis Rhodes, Naples, Florida

Two united souls 
can weather any challenge        poet Sarah Mahina Calvello
life has to offer.                    Shelton, Connecticut
Two united souls                   Two white butterflies
share life and death together     Spin lazily around my green tea cup.           
Eternally bound.                    Today's going to be good.

Let's unite our souls.                              
                                poet Judith Partin-Nielsen                         
                                Longmont, Colorado

                                frisky burning brown
                                smoke clouds at dusk
                                dark, blazing sunset
                                disappearing into the colours
                                of flame

assistant editor Frosty, "above poem from
                             our beloved Judith..."

 and! poet Teresinka Pereira,
             Ottawa Hills, Ohio...

             ...of more importance...

            Today I will not work, I will just live.
            I decree that my testimony
            about this week will be liberation
            from the hard duty of
            being present on this planet.
            Today I'll discover
            I've centuries
            in my genes and my
            polymorphism is vain,
            perhaps, but authentic.
            I will not be surprised that
            today I'll feel of more
            importance than
            even the sunset.

last! from dear friends at Faerie Magazine, we'll all have a funtastic Halloween because the Moon Princess will be all about our safety and happiness!

  see you in a moment...

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

t. kilgore splake and Transcendent Zero Press, James B. Peters' epic poem, Joanna Weston, Toma Rosen, Martha Christina, Frank Lloyd Wright, Dennis Rhodes, Sarah Mahina Calvello, and Chris Helvey's ONE MORE ROUND!!

from noble assistant Kitty Kali, "I'll help you, Mister Editor!  We'll complete a post of poetry from our own dear poets!"

Well mewed, Ms. Kitty!  We'll present more of our favorite poems from print bear creek haiku #158!

Kitty Kali, "Never mind all this verbiage, Mister Editor, now we'll have poetry!                And then treats!". . .

from Calumet, Michigan's favorite          poet, t. kilgore splake...

    seeking inner beauty

    long wilderness hike                 light forest breeze

    quiet early morning                wild wilderness whisper

                                             carrying poet's heart

        lake superior whitecaps

          racing black clouds                      late summer leaves

         nature's wild symphony                      eager to dance

                                                     waiting autumn breeze

t. kilgore averages about three published poetry collections a month (!), and! we received this one today (from Transcendent Zero Press, publisher Dustin Pickering, also a friend of ours!). . .

from assistant editor Tama, "dear friend poet James B. Peters, of Cottontown, Tennessee, just sent us his multi-paged epic poem, with gracious acknowledgement of publisher Ray Foreman's Clark Street"... (here is the beginning). . .


Around the camp fires
On dark nights,
Old folk tales are told
Of Mayans on the Mississippi
And their travels bold.
A tale of how
The god of night
Exiled them from the sea.
How a storm split them apart,
Each group thought the others              lost,
Some went east 
upon one river,
Most went north upon another.
They too were split in half
When the big river divided east,
Toward the god of dawn. . . 

haiku from James, in #158,

  Just an august day
  The dogwood leaves turning
  Berries turning red

           Just an afternoon
           Writing several poems
           In October's sun

Just a large spider
Spinning a late evening web
Between the two pines

poet Joanna Weston
Shawnigan lake, British Columbia. . .        poet toma rosen,
                                                  Mt. Baldy Zen Center,
ripe berries hang                                    California. . .
over the bridge -     
your laughter                                  meadow mice       
                   cold wind                   comfortable keeping house
                   his doctor's                   in the woodshop
                   appointment today         
                                                  they seem not to mind
                                                   shavings  dust and clutter

     from the cover of upcoming bear creek haiku #159,
                     poet Martha Christina, Bristol, Rhode Island. . .

   (assistant editor Frosty, "Kitties love this poem!"


            the weather 
            turned cool enough
            for hot soup and tea.
            My cat, named 
            for this month, 
            settles on my lap, 
            and I’m grateful 
                                    for the comfort 

                                    of her added warmth.

the touch of Frank Lloyd Wright...

                     poet Dennis Rhodes, Naples, Florida...    

                Funny how kindness
                often comes right back to you
                like a boomerang.


                         My large tomato heart
                         pumps copious pints of blood
                         to my head of lettuce--
                         my cauliflower brain
                         soaks blood up like a sponge
                         which probably explains
                         my beet-red eyes.

      poet Sarah Mahina Calvello, San Francisco, California...

  Two white butterflies 
  Spin lazily round my green tea cup
  Today’s going to be good

                           Tired of waiting
                           Holding onto echoes of passion
                           The leaves have already started to fall

                     poet Kemar Cummings,
                           Cleveland, Australia...

                    my newborn
                    exploring my beard
                    pre-dawn waves

                                         soft prayers
                                         by the dried creek
                                         the flash of koi

'the evolving artistic journey of one 
                                         of America's most unique writers...'

assistant editor Tama, "Don't let the cover full you, Chris Helvey is
one of our best, a winner!"


see you in a moment...

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Saturday, October 5, 2019

poets Peggy Dugan French, Rumi, Karen O'Leary, James B. Peters, r. soos, Martha Christina, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Toma Rosen, and, Dennis Rhodes!


     "Mister Editor, we need to honor 
our beloved poets and their poems!" mews 
assistant editor Tama...
     "And!," from assistant editor Frosty, "more poetry posts means treats for everyone everywhere!"

True, noble assistants!   And we'll begin with poets from 
print bear creek haiku #158, mailed this past weekend...

from Peggy Dugan French, Cardiff, California...

clink of glass         empty stage               Entwined 
old memories         young dancer             Outside              
swirling                imaging the future       The night sings its song



Kitty Kali, insisting, "You and your's be well, Peggy!!                                                                         

      poet Karen O'Leary,
      West Fargo, North Dakota...

     Poem #4:C




      stretch out to

      pudgy soft hands —

      the years melt away with a touch of love.

from a dear friend of ours for over forty years,
         poet James B. Peters, Cottontown, Tennessee...

                                FIVE JUST HAIKU

       Just an august day
       The dogwood leaves are turning   Just a large spider
       Berries turning red                   Spinning a late evening web
                                                Between the two pines
       Just a cool morning
       Deer leaps over the car hood        Just two butterflies
       Mud on the windshield               On today's zinnia blossoms
                                                 The north breeze warming

                                Just an afternoon
                                Writing several poems
                                In October's sun

from Kitty Kali (especially for kitties)...

    poet r. soos,
                    Joshua Tree, California...


    let the poem tear
    serenity from silence
    unravel its dream


                         not always in words
                 sometimes deep in feelings
                     seen in thought pictures


    how the words look now
    laid out on this open page
    flowing from my thoughts

    how the thoughts look now
    laid out on this open page
    flowing from my pen

    how the pen looks now
    laid out on this open page
    flowing from my dreams

    how the dreams look now
    laid out on this open page
    flowing from my words


                          poet Martha Christina,
                                          Bristol, Rhode Island...

                               WITHOUT INCIDENT

                               A spider disappears behind
                               a single wisteria leaf.  One
                               thin stem above it an ant
                               crawls upside down.  Which
                               is predator, which, prey?
                               The spider reappears.
                               The ant rights itself,

                               and moves on.

Noble assistant editor Kitty Kali, in our most recent                 bear creek haiku, #158, 
I didn't give Martha Christina credit 
for her poem WITHOUT INCIDENT-                  
           my apologies to Martha, and to you,             
                nobly efficient assistant editors...

Kitty Kali...  'poem from our Judith needed!' 

                         poet Judith Partin-Nielsen,
                                        Longmont, Colorado...

                                Rock Whisperings

                                fitting my palm against
                                the face of the rock
                                listening deeply to feel
                                it's pulse, listening to
                                the rhythm of breaths,
                                whispers, wisps of winds,
                                scents, of meadow and pine
                                listening to the voices of
                                sandstone and granite speaking
                                "All my ancestors are here
                                and I will remain with them"

Kitty Kali, 'and, poems from dear friends 
Toma Rosen                            
                                               and Dennis Rhodes!'
poet Toma Rosen,                         
Mt. Baldy Zen Center, California...        poet Dennis Rhodes,
                                                              Naples, Florida...
meadow mice 
comfortable keeping house                Tiny as a snail,
   in the woodshed                          the baby frog leaps so high--
                                                trying for the moon.
they seem  not to mind
   shavings  dust and clutter               Lets hope he survives
                                                to be a big happy toad
                                                sitting in the sun.

from Frosty, 'and an addendum, Mister Editor! This last item! 
(Before Treats!) We kitties have a present for you,
especially for your morning coffee time!'...


Noble assistants!  I shall have a cup of my favorite blend right now (well, as soon as I can stop laughing), while you have your special treats!

see you in a moment

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Last!  If you choose to send poetry via email from within the US,
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