Sunday, July 28, 2019

poets... r. soos, Cathy Porter, pl. wick, Teresinka Pereira, Patricia Carragon, Roberta Beach Jacobson, Toma Rosen, Pawel Markiewicz, George Held, and, Dennis Rhodes!

Assistant editors Frosty and Tama: "Mister Editor, bear creek haiku #157 is in the mail, and we've yet to create an online poetry post this July! We'll create one right now based on the poets we just published in print..."

Awesome idea, noble assistants- 
and, afterwards, treats for all!!

          poet r. soos, Joshua Tree, California...          

          you bring the riches
          of a word or number explained
          only in your song

                             poet Cathy Porter, Omaha, Nebraska...

                             speak louder
                             not everyone can hear

      poet pl. wick, Empire, Colorado...

      even the most 
      delicate of filaments                    true love for a dog
      is capable of                              transcends
      brilliant illumination                      any chewed shoe

      lacking only   a simple
         flip of the switch

                      poet Teresinka Pereira, Ottawa Hills, Ohio...

                            Your eyes are windows
                            through which every day comes
                            the sun of knowledge and life.

                            Your busy hands
                            happen to hold the world
                            like a giant balloon 
                            which consents to the touch
                            of magic innocence.

                            Child, your power
                            is unlimited and fertile:
                            learning to walk
                            on humanity's path
                            and love it as your own.

poet Patricia Carragon, Brooklyn, New York... 

       summer heat             at midnight              backyard rumble
       tell that to               feline karaoke          raccoons amuse
       the sleeping cat          gets hotter               the indoor cat

poet Roberta Beach Jacobson, Indianola, Iowa...

              with each purr                     cool afternoon breeze
              cat shares                          scatters petals
              some of his nine lives            of last garden rose


                poet Toma Rosen,        
                      Mt Baldy Zen Center, 

                   taking his lunch break
                   out back
                   in the cottonwood shade
                      by the RR tracks--

                   the yard-man
                   alfalfa dusted overalls
                   ripped  inked biker arms
                   with grim blue-blood tattoos
                   & Metallica baseball cap--

                      reading Issa

poet Pawel Markiewicz, Mickiewicza, Poland...

          a mild evening                           meteorite falling into 
          bee releases an ant-queen               the pond near a grove
          from the spider's web                    with Druid tombs

          poet George Held,                  poet Dennis Rhodes
          New York, New York...                Naples, Florida...

          5 AM,                                   Just live.  Just show up.
          an oriole singing our song-         Always keep a pen handy. 
          the waning moon                     Poetry will come.

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