Sunday, May 12, 2019

John Parsons, Peggy Dugan French and Stevie Wonder, Dennis Rhodes, Juanita Torrence-Thompson, Karen O'Leary, Karen with Paul Callus, Patricia Carragon, a faerie!, Peggy, and, Judith Partin-Nielsen...

"Poetry, Mister Editor! It's a                  
mewtiful Spring day, us kitties 
and peoples need poetry!"

poet John ParsonsE Sussex, UK... 

    what more sense is there
    than springs evening woods
    where hedge sparrows 
    and robins trill

    hearts into place

from Peggy Dugan French's 'Happy Friday posts!", Stevie Wonder...

poet Dennis Rhodes, Naples, Florida...

        Mother and ducklings
        cross the busy roadway as          The kinder a person you are
        the world holds its breath.          the finer a poet you are.

poet Juanita Torrence-Thompson, Bayside, New York...

                               ROSE PETALS

                               Velvet mauve petals
                               scented oil, water 
                               cut with limes
                               -- a sensuous catharsis.

                               Warm rivulets
                               massage thinly layered skin
                               like sublime pomegranates
                               dancing at a Peruvian wedding.

poet Karen O'Leary
West Fargo, North Dakota...

singed oak...
love's wedding tree
survives                            poets Karen O'Leary
                                     and, Paul Callus, Malta, Europe...

                         poet Karen...                  holes 
                                                         in swiss cheese...
                                                         my memory

                         poet Paul...                    the missing pieces
                                                         of the jigsaw puzzle

assistant editor Kitty Kali, with her favorite poem from a past post-
("I love mermaids and faeries and that Brooklyn girl," mews Kali...

poet Patricia Carragon, Brooklyn, New York...


We were approaching the last stop,             

Coney Island -- Stillwell Avenue,
but the N train didn't stop --

it continued upwards on tracks
that rose above the station
until it made that sudden descent

and plunged into the ocean
where the real mermaids waited
over an hour to get on.

                     a faerie visits from 
                     FAERIE MAGAZINE!...

and! two more poems, from  
Peggy Dugan French, and, our beloved Judith Partin-Nielsen...

poets Peggy...

   friendship across the miles

   first a kind word
   then a smile                                  and, Judith...
   slowly a deep knowing
                                                    wanting to go home
                                                    longing toward that place
                                                    now only remembered
                                                    still, I see the horizon

see you in a moment


ayaz daryl nielsen

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