Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sonia Sanchez, r soos, t. kilgore splake, Magaela Durisova/Magaela Accessories and Vlasta Gerhardová from Enchanted Living/Faerie Magazine, Karen O'Leary, Peggy Dugan French, BARAKAT GALLERY, Joanna M. Weston, and, an Anonymous Sung Dynasty Nun...

poet Sonia Sanchez, Philadelphia, from 'Shake Loose My Skin'...

                         autumn, a bonfire                                          
                         of leaves, morning peels us toward
                         pomegranate festivals
                         and in the evening I bring
                         you soup cooled by my laughter

poet r soos, Joshua Tree, California, from 
                        'during the music'...

                   I breathe between thoughts
                 invest them deep in my blood
                       exhale their spirit 


    my hand cannot write
    when faced with your dark whispers             
    only touch your skin                      

                                                           humans by nature
                                               paint dark panoramic plays
                                                       triumph with passion

    you will be found soon
    wounded and yet beautiful
    rising like the moon

                                                        light blazes across 
                                               the desert with the sunrise
                                                       I wake you in time

                 there is a story
                 a legend of happiness
                 as the sun rises

from noble assistant editor Kitty Kali...

poet t. kilgore splake, Calumet, Michigan...

no clocks or calendars                                       night candle flames

after briefly resting                                         hiding dead poets ghosts
                                  deep into autumn
back in muse's embrace                                        dancing in shadows
                                   sunlit blue sky

                             listening to colors whisper

         poet's ghost dancing                        poet's soul rising                              
       around campfire flames                     beyond fire's ashes

       whispering to the stars                       wisdom everywhere

from Magaela Durisova/Magaela Accessories, Slovenia, a picture of her favorite model of all time, her mother, Vlasta Gerhardová...

from noble assistant editor Frosty, "Happy mews and treats to Magaela and Vlasta!"

from noble assistant editor Tama, "And such a lovely Mother Nature!"

poet Karen O'Leary
                      West Fargo, North Dakota...

  mom weaves yarns
  through our family's history
                                  darning the gaps

            cupid let loose                     the pilgrim pauses
            in a violent land...                 for a silent moment...
            love...peace                          twilight whispers

poet Peggy Dugan French, Cardiff, California...

a delicate trust         angel on the tree                 gravel road
me                        once again                        the swoops and curves
and my teenager        my mother enters the room     end at your doorstep

           batter dripping from fingers       grandma's pot holders
           laughter filling the room          all the perfect stitching        
           remembering...                       stained with Sunday dinners

                                                              from BARAKAT Gallery...

poet Joanna M. Weston, Shawnigan Lake,
            British Columbia, Canada...

     the bench given
     in memory
     an old woman sits

                              a dog howls 
                              through my dreams
                              night wind

     two stags 
     lock horns -
     falling leaves

                              the slash of sunlight
                              on the inlet...
                              a sailboat

   purple shooting stars in the meadow spring wind

                                  OF ZEN'        translated and edited by Sam Hamill
                                                                              & J. P. Seaton

                    Searching for spring all day, I never saw it,
                    straw sandals treading everywhere
                    among the clouds, along the bank.

                    Coming home, I laughed, catching
                    the plum blossom's scent:
                    spring at every branch tip, already perfect.

and, assistant editor Frosty presents the publications many of these poems appeared in... here is Sonia Sanchez!, by blue stream...

and r soos!, from Cholla Needles Press...

and here is t. kilgore splake, his latest of over a hundred published poetry collections, this one from Presa Press!... 

and! The Poetry of Zen, from SHAMBHALA Publications...

last, our thanks to Enchanted Living/Faerie Magazine, for introducing us
to Magaela and Vlasta... for many of us kitties, a fascinating site... 


see you in a moment


ayaz daryl nielsen

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Chen-ou Liu, Patrica Carragon, Harry T. Roman, Rumi, E. Martin Pedersen, Rex Sexton, Steve Ausherman, Mary Jo Balistreri, James B. Peters, t. kilbore splake, and, BARAKAT Gallery...

from noble assistant editor Kitty Kali...

poetry from Chen-ou Liu, Canada...

         voices inside ...                          skinny dip
         up all night shadowing                  a river of stars
         my shadow                                between us

         the hillside                                red lingerie
         ablaze in red and gold ...               her warmth on the nape 
         the day my friend died                  of my neck

from Patricia Carragon, East Village 'meow' graffiti...

from Harry T. Roman,
             East Orange, New Jersey...

                The future
                sparkling eyes:
                my students.

           Weed cracked sidewalks
           chronicling footsteps
           echoing from decades past

    Under a weak winter sun
    a last scent of pine
    discarded Christmas tree carcass

           Bouncing green acorns
           jaunty beret intact
           looking to put down roots.

from noble assistant editor Tama...


                        Come to the orchard in Spring,
                        There is light and wine
                        and sweethearts in the
                        pomegranate flowers.
                        If you do not come, these do not matter.
                        If you do come, these do not natter.

from E. Martin Pedersen, Messina, Italy...

cat on the slippery                  
soapy bathtub rim              lovely smelling soap that does not clean
watches the bubbles sparkle

artist Rex Sexton's 'Heartbreak Hotel'...

from noble assistant editor Frosty...

                  and the room 
                  within love                  under the eves                   
                  so vast                       quiet co-existence
                  our thoughts                 wasp nests and prayer flags 
                  can heal there

from poet Steve Ausherman,
              Albuquerque, New Mexico...

     I witness a falling star.
          My dreams
                Are dragons now.

    from poet Mary Jo Balistreri
              Genesee Park, Wisconsin...


    The thread of life
    because the weave
    seeks a new design


    wordless is the red light
    of tangled thoughts
    tiny knots
    in the knit and purl of life


    a blank page
    the solitude needed
    to clear one's mind
    and imagine a new stitch 

   from poet James B. Peters, Cottontown, Tennessee...

   At seventy-five
   I wonder how
   The rest of life will be
   Her words assure me that 
   life will not be dull.

                          from poet t. kilgore splake, Calumet, Michigan...

                                       warm afternoon sun

                                       tiny leaves falling

                                       yellow autumn storm

                                       dark shadows dancing

                                       pine needles hum

                                       deep wilderness magic

          from BARAKAT Gallery, 
                         London, Seoul, West Hollywood, and Hong Kong...

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ayaz daryl nielsen


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assistant editor Kitty Kali...

"now, treats and caresses
and happy meowing 
for and from all of us!"