Saturday, December 29, 2018

melting into poetry, Paula Yup, t. kilgore splake, Peggy Dugan French and A. A. Milne, Brooklyn girl Patricia Carragon, cold and singing, Longmont girl Judith Partin-Nielsen, Angelee Deodhar, E. Martin Pedersen, Steve Ausherman, and! special treats! (and many of them!)

artist Paula Yup... 

                        from t. kilgore splake...

                               life's too short

                          dollars not buying time

                            write   write   write

       warm afternoon sun

      tiny   leaves   falling

      yellow autumn storm

      dark shadows dancing

        pine needles hum

     deep wilderness magic

from Peggy Dugan French and A. A. Milne...

from Patricia Carragon, our Brooklyn girl...  

       window candlelight
       snowflake illumination
       on glass

                               under the chandelier
                               words turn
                               to crystal

            sleeping cat
            her calm 
            before the storm


from Judith Partin-Nielsen, our Longmont girl...

                    Winter Buddha

                    Statue of Buddha
                    sits peacefully
                    beside the front door
                    now wearing a crown
                    of freshly blown snow

from Angelee Deodhar and ayaz daryl nielsen...

                from E. Martin Pedersen, Messina, Italy...

        cat on the slippery                  I owe letters
        soapy bathtub rim                   to old friends and family --
        watches the bubbles sparkle        nonetheless I sing

                               birthday alone

                               I hug my guitar when
                               I should be hugging you

poet, artist, Steve Ausherman wishing us a new year of goodwill...

from noble assistant editors 
Frosty, Tama, and Kitty Kali...        


a most mewtiful New Year for
all, and for all, special treats!  
    (and many of them!)


             see you in a moment...

             ayaz daryl nielsen

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