Monday, December 31, 2018

Celestial Songs, Joan McNerney and Angelee Deodhar, Patricia Carragon and Matsuo Bashō, Juanita Torrence-Thompson, Dr. Ajša Zahirović, Susan Coleman, S. Liaqath Peeran, P. C. K. Prem, and, from everyone here at Bear Creek Haiku, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

from Joan McNerney and Angelee Deodhar...

from Patricia Carragon and Matsuo Bashō...

               from Juanita Torrence-Thompson, Bayside, New York...

                             SNOWY NIGHT HAIKU                            SNOWY DAYS HAIKU

                             On snowy nights we                                     On snowy days we
                             Gather around the fireplace                          Sledded down Salisbury Park
                             Toasting marshmallows.                               And chewed bubble gum.


                                             HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019

        From Dr. Ajša Zahirović, poet from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


from noble assistant editors Tama and Frosty...   
and happy Kittiness to all!   


from Susan Coleman...

noble assistant editor Kitty Kali...
"and a happy, warm home for kitties and all beings everywhere!"

from S. Liaqath Peeran, Bengaluru, INDIA...

Happy New Year 2019

Look at the resplendent Sun with new dress.
Shedding new light to humanity.
To wake them up from slumber.
To shed violence and adopt peace.
To love and give up hate.
Let the new rays of bright Sun.
Bring new light to one and all.
A new beginning, a new era.
A fresh breath, lovely seasons.
Plenty of fragrant flowers and sweet fruits.
Let the New Year 2019
Open to humanity peace, prosperity.

              from P. C. K. Prem, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA...

                                               WISH YOU ALL HAPPY DAYS AHEAD.


and! from all of us here are at bear creek, Frosty, Tama, Kitty Kali, often obnoxious neighbor cat, from Judith and ayaz daryl...

Happy New Year!

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