Tuesday, October 30, 2018

poets Kelley Jean White, Cathy Porter, Martha Christina, t. kilgore splake, Steve Ausherman, George Held, S.L. Peeran, Kitsuné, Teresinka Pereira, Dorothy McLaughlin, Bijoy Kumar Dubey, Dennis Rhodes, and, Rumi!

assistant editor Tama: "Mister Editor, stories, ok, but we kitties are here for poets and their poetry!"

assistant editor Frosty:  "And treats!"

true, noble assistants- excuse my tall tails, let's have poets and poetry!

Tama, "That's tales, not tails, Mister Editor..."

poet Kelley Jean White                      chiming wind
      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania           early plum blossoms
                                                iced with frost

  cicada                                               autumn's first cricket        
  thank you for reminding me                     where are you
  time passes                                         my friend?

poet Cathy Porter                                    two on my lap
      Omaha, Nebraska                               soft purrs
                                                        autumn catnap

      my latest submission
      came back in record time
      almost as if                              one yellow rose
      it missed me too much                 left on her doorstep
      to let go                                 friends first

poet Martha Christina                               IN TRANSITION
      Bristol, Rhode Island                 
                                                        Too early
                                                        for snow;
                    EARLY NOVEMBER                Fall air fills
                                                        with pollen
                    sun teases;                        and midges.
                    grass grows

                    a little longer.

poet t. kilgore splake
      Calumet, Michigan
                                                 wrinkled diary page

        november storm                          dry tear stain

       gray cloudy skies                       pieces of valentine

    color of fading tattoos  

  poet Steve Ausherman
        Albuquerque, New Mexico

  Leaky attic mildews
   The family letters.
  Heritage floating away.

                  Pine sap.
                  Ferns in deep shadow,
                  Nearby, a sleeping river.

  Chicken corn soup.
  Autumn's harvest moon.

                  I witness a falling star.
                        My dreams
                              dragons now.

    poet George Held
          New York, New York

       JULY                             A CLOUD

       sultry breeze                    A voice from a cloud
       ripples leaves                   Said firmly, not loud,
       and sways trees -
                                          "Follow mainly your soul's desire,
       a suggestion                    Only in love the body's fire;
       of eternities.
                                          Pray for those in need,
                                          Do not Evil heed.

                               Be loving unto others,
                               Treat them like your brothers.

                               Above all, be not proud."
                               Thus said the cloud.

poet S. L. Peeran
      Bengaluru, India

Fresh morning dew, winds
To exhilarate the mind                  Glorious sun rise
Destiny at door.                          Light to illume the earth
                                            Birds sing songs of love.
           Rainbows in the sky
           Lovers in deep embrace
           Merge to create love

poet Kitsuné  
      along the Tibetan salt route

through morning's mist               north-side
the Bagmati                            mountain drainage
murmurs its endless dirge           a challenging path up
                                          through dense tree growth.
and ring-neck doves lament        woven into the silence
as the pyre consumes                 reminders of 
your blanket                           time and mortality --
   of summer-flowers                 lichen covered
and you  gradually                   lodgepole pines
   attain the Milky Way...              scattered like jackstraws
                                          across the forest floor

                                           one's life  a continuum--
                                           today as it was yesterday
                                           as it will be tomorrow...

assistant editor Kitty Kali, stating, "Mister Editor, please, more poetry, but without the oinkified besnoutedness!"

ok, ok, Kitty...  here's poetry from Teresinka Pereira and Dorothy Mclaughlin!

         POETRY            poet Teresinka Pereira
                                     Ottawa Hills, Ohio 
         Poetry has life
         and future,
         is soul and skin,
                                        hope and nostalgia.
                                        I sigh every minute
                                        of the day
                                        looking at
                                        the immensity 
                                        of the sky
                                        that covers us
                                        and I make myself
                                        the master of the night.

poet Dorothy McLaughlin
      Somerset, New Jersey

              vocabulary                          day dreams 
              fits her life, herself                for my children
              into beautiful words               turned into prayers

and, last, poetry from Bijoy Kumar Dubey, and! from Dennis Rhodes...

poet Bijoy Kumar Dubey
      Chandrakona Town, West Bengal

                         The globe,
                         The dove as the messenger
                         Of shantih,
                         World peace.

                         Let there be,
                         There be peace,
                         Peace in the world,
                         Om shantih shantih shantih.

poet Dennis Rhodes
      Naples, Florida

 I am so blessed to
                 have love from all directions:
                                     North. South. East.  West.   You.

and, last, Rumi...

                     Love is the bridge between you
                     and everything.

   Frosty: "Treats! Treats for everyone helps build that bridge!" 

Come, noble assistant editors, and we'll serve everyone (including us) extra special treats!
Happy mews, and! We'll

see you in a moment

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