Friday, October 5, 2018

an all-kitty assistant editor post... Frosty, Tama, Kitty Kali, and, our annoying neighbor kitty!

"Let's create an all-kitty post,"
mews Frosty!

"We'll have Kitty Kali 
assist us!" replies Tama...

Kali, "And here's the kitty 
poem we'll begin with..."

          Poem of Kitties

          Kitties who meet their humans, 
          mew, and endow, taking their 
          people in paw and forgiving
          them their shortcomings
          while anointing them with 
          the loving sweetness 
          of cat snot.

kitty bowl samsara   emptiness              

           the ripe nirvana 
           of a kitty bowl
           perpetually full
           or without 


                          the mewing 
                          of kitties 
                          with catnip

                              window left open
                              city still quiet                        
                              early morning mews                  
Kali, "Even our annoying neighbor 
kitty may have a poem..."

"Go chase your tail, Kali," replies annoying neighbor kitty, "while I mew real poems..."

   kitty poetics...
              the constant, fertile embrace
                        as mews and hairballs mix

            Fluffy smallnesses,
            secure, indispensable,
            comforting as Spring.
            Kitty cats, of course.


With life,                                     nine lives.
Lived lives,
than more
lives.  Always 
with enough kittiness
to define them.

umm, noble assistant editors, let's end our post and we'll all go have some extra-special treats...!

"Me, too?" mews annoying neighbor kitty

Of course, especially you... 

                     happy mews and purrs from all of us to all of you! 

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen and, especially, our noble assistant kitties...

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