Wednesday, September 12, 2018

poets Julie Spencer, Steve Ausherman, Peggy Dugan French's Happy Friday post with Robert Louis Stevenson, t. kilgore splake with Tom Clark, Stephanie Hiteshew, Karen O'Leary, BARAKAT Gallery, Martha Christina, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Jane Stuart, Roberta Beach Jacobson!

  poet Julie Spencer
Chowchilla, California

I glance at my own
Reflection, noting I am
Now a bold woman.

 poet Steve Ausherman
Albuquerque, New Mexico

     73 years.
     Me bent low.
     Mountains remain
              The same.

       Bunny nibbling
       On new grass.
       Morning dew.

from Peggy Dugan French, editor of SHEMON, and her blog,
Happy Friday!

          t. kilgore splake, Calumet Michigan, with this excerpt from
                              a poem by Tom Clark...

                        They should remember other poems.

                        At this moment the noisy city

                        has fallen quiet, and the edge

                        of the forest is abuzz with voices,

                        the voices of poems beneath the old trees

                        talking quietly about the poems that were

                        once here but are not here any longer,

                        remembering each other.

poet Stephanie Hiteshew           poet Karen O'Leary
      Columbia, Maryland                  West Fargo, North Dakota

Nights of Fire                          worn, wooden steps
                                             exactly ten steps
During a quiet night                        to grandma's embrace
she stares into the fire,
memories burning                                         the silence 
red and gold.                                            of a red horizon
                                                              love ignites

    poet Martha Christina
          Bristol, Rhode Island


    spring ephemerals
    washed away;
    crows strut
    through falling rain
    as if water were
    their element.

                   poet Judith Partin-Nielsen
                         Longmont, Colorado

                   Tibet is a Country
                   young monk's red
                   and saffron robes
                   dissolving into flame
                   the intersection of
                   faith, courage and despair

poet Jane Stuart
      Greenup, Kentucky

starlight chatters on the garden wall

                poet Roberta Beach Jacobson
                      Indianola, Iowa

                       tabby dressed in stripes of feline fluff

assistant editor Frosty:  "Maybe we shouldn't let Mister Editor
create posts without us, we need
much more about kitties..."

and, assistant editor Tama:  
"The next post will be all ours,
Frosty, and we'll do it when
Kitty Kali isn't cat-napping...!"

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ayaz daryl nielsen, Frosty, Tama, sleepy Kitty Kali!

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