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poetry and poets... Pablo Neruda and t. kilgore splake, Steve Ausherman, Simone Wheeler, pl. wick, James B. Peters, Candi Cooper-Towler, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Rumi, and Hafiz, and Rex Sexton!!

Pablo Neruda...

"There is no insurmountable solitude. All paths lead to the same goal: to convey to others what we are.  And we must pass through solitude and difficulty, isolation and silence in order to reach forth to the enchanted place where we can dance our clumsy dance..."

assistant editor Tama:  "Kitties purring, Frosty! You've chosen Pablo's Nobel Prize acceptance speech to begin our post..."

assistant editor Frosty: "We'll give extra treats to friend t. kilgore for sending it!"

"You know," replies Tama, "I'm
thinking t. kilgore splake has lots of kitty blood mewing through his poetry and perceptions from illustrious past lives..."

Frosty: "Poems from t. kilgore!":

t. kilgore splake
Calumet, Michigan

    brown pine cone needles

    poet returning to nature
      quiet moment alone

               pink lady slipper                 fledgling shadow

                thin green stem                    edge of nest

             nature's human heart            stretching soft feathers

                       books and workshops

                        full of knowledge

                      but best skills learned

                        doing it  yourself

Frosty: "Poems from Steve Ausherman!"

poet Steve Ausherman
      Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Bunny nibbling
    On new grass.              73 years.
    Morning dew.               Me bent low.
                                  Mountains remain
                                            The same.

             Corn wrapped in foil.
             Red coals crackle.
             Wind bucks the summer pines.

Tama:  "The poetry of Simone Wheeler, and pl. wick, and, James B. Peters! 

poet Simone Wheeler
      Idaho Springs, Colorado

eagerly  you pull me                                poet pl. wick
to your scented breath.                                   Empire, Colorado
upon cool cushioning                               fresh falling lace
  meadow grass                                      snow textures
                                                        pure possibility
caring not    what                                     over gray reality
the modest moon will see

                   poet James Peters
                       Cottontown, Tennessee
                   THE ASPHALT MOCKINGBIRD

                   On the parking lot's
                   Acres of asphalt,
                   White striped
                   For driver's deference,
                   Randomly selected,
                   A mockingbird flits
                   From one shopping cart bay
                   To all the others,
                   Declaring this lot
                   His personal space.
                   Shoppers unaware
                   They are intruding.

          The young see               Couples
          Things bigger                Weave their lives
          Than they are                Together
          Ice cream cones             Its strength
          For example.                  In the maintenance.

and, here's Kitty Kali!: "Poems from local poet and friend Candi Cooper-Towler!" 

             poet Candi Cooper-Towler              
                   Longmont, Colorado

             first sign of fall
             horses coat's get soft
             as winter fur starts to grow

   at last a sunny weekend
   park full                                
   of left-behind baseballs                       on top of the mountain
                                                     the moon looks so big

Noble assistant editors, you bring joy to our posts, our homes... 
we have four more poets, our dear Judith, Rumi, Hafiz, and, Rex Sexton!

          poet Judith Partin-Nielsen         things unfold
                Longmont, Colorado              as they do     
                                                      and even in that
                                                      there is 
                                                      a special beauty

The individual who opened my own poetic instincts, and I sought a creative heart-name from Sufi teacher, and dear friend, Zubeida Krueger...  


Listen to presences inside poems,    
Let them take you where they will.        There are love dogs  
                                                no one knows the names of.
Follow these private hints,                  
And never leave the premises.              Give your life
                                                to be one of them.


Frosty:  "And Hafiz!  Hafiz loves kitties!..."



In a vision I heard this whispered:

Study those who sing the most, but are free
of criticism or praise.

Following this advice, things turned out
just as I suspected:

I started spending more time with kitties.

               THE ANOINTMENT

Dear ones, let's anoint this earth with dance.

and!               Rex Sexton

             There is a place and time
             where your hour is ready.
            It is your moment of truth,
        your enlightenment, your epiphany.

                    OUR LOVE

            A whisper in a shadow.
            A slow dance in the moon's
            glow.  Our silhouettes on a 
            white wall, like a cinematic
            shot captured in our love's 

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen, Frosty, Tama, Kitty Kali!

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