Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Alan and Valerie Catlin, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Bijoy Kumar Dubey, Joyce Odam, R Soos, Kitty Kali, and! for Seyd Liaqath Peeran from Rumi...

poet/editor Alan and Valerie Catlin after their recent sojourn in Ireland...

Walking where Joyce once walked.
      Across the Liffey on O’Connell
         Street Bridge. 

         Where he composed Stephen Hero
         precursor to brave Ulysses tales.

                                    War Memorial

                                    The leafless tree inside St Patrick’s,
                                    Dublin. Surrounded by barbed wire.
                                    Beckett like; indelible memories of
                                    past wars fought. Wars to come.

           In St. Patrick’s, Dublin: 
           Jonathan Swift’s death mask,
           a sermon on sleeping in church,
           an original copy of “A Modest Proposal”, 
           The battered pulpit where he preached
           to the poor, restored now.

                                        Ghosts of Dublin

                                        Early morning fog over the Liffey. 
                                        By Beckett’s Bridge, lifelike statues
                                        remind us of famines past.

poet Judith Partin Nielsen
      Longmont, Colorado

Rock Whisperings

fitting my palm against
the face of the rock
listening deeply to feel
its pulse, listening to
the rhythm of breaths
whispers, wisps of winds
scents of meadow and pine
listening to the voices of 
sandstone and granite speaking
                                           "All my ancestors are here
                                            and I will remain with them"

poet Bijoy Kumar Dubey                
      West Bengal, India

      I have duties to do 
      before I go
      The duty to my family,
      To my society,
      And to my nation 
      before I go away
      The duty to my family,
      To my society,
      To my nation.

     poet Joyce Odam                         SUPERFLOUS
          Sacramento, California

                                                       needs reminders.

                             poet R Soos
                                   Joshua Tree, California

         many old poems have the language of flowers that have never


editorial assistant editor Kitty Kali, insisting,
     "This one was made by meeeeeeoow!"...

poet Rex Sexton           A skeleton key
                               A beggar's bones
                            Make up a poet's soul

                                  for Seyd Liaqath Peeran from Rumi

Goodbyes are only for this who love with their eyes.
Because for those who love with heart and soul
there is no such thing as separation.

                                   Our death is our wedding with eternity.

assistant editor Frosty, "Kitty Kali, nicely done!  You've earned
extra special treats for all of us!"

assistant editor Tama, "Treats
and poetry for all poets and lovers of poetry, everywhere!"

Yes, noble assistants- and now,
we'll have our extra special treats...

see you in a moment

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