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Poets Bijoy Kumar Dubey (with Carl Sandburg), and! 'heroines who journey for their souls sake'- Bobbie Louise Hawkins (we're missing you), Judith Partin-Nielsen (with Courtney Love), Teresinka Pereira , Mirabai, Stephanie Hiteshew, Julie A Dickson, and! for Angelee Deodhar. Dedicated to all the many heroines that could and should have been included...

                           poet Bijoy Kumar Dubey
                                  West Bengal, India

                             Carl Sandburg,
                             Your Swedish ancestry,
                             Growing with experiences
                             That life taught you,
                             In harsher conditions of life,
                             Working in various capacities,
                             We talk about,                        
                             Talk about,
                             Carl Sandburg,
                             Your life and poetry,              
                             Your free-verse style,
                             We do remember                                            
                             Your books,                                                 
                             Your Chicago poems                        
                             Your biography of Abraham Lincoln,
                             Your anthology
                             American Songbag!

assistant editor Tama, stating, "Thank you, Bijoy!  Carl Sandburg, a most favorite poetic kitty friend of ours!"
Assistant editor Frosty:  "Just consider this poem by Mr. Sandburg..."


    The fog comes
    on little cat feet                                      
    It sits looking
    over harbor and city
    on silent haunches
    and then moves on.

and, foremost, our goodbyes to
   Bobbie Louise Hawkins...
"Just look how much she loved
her kitties," states Frosty...
an extraordinary and internationally known poet, the local girl who we all learned to love... you'll always be with us, Bobbie Louise...

"Where are the heroes who are women

 Who journey for their souls sake"

              Bobbie Louise Hawkins, heroine

Tama, insisting, "Mister Editor, we know
some women poets, heroes who create for and from the sake of their souls..."

Frosty, "And here are some of them,
              beginning with beloved Judith!"

      poet Judith Partin-Nielsen
            Longmont, Colorado

            Poetry Everywhere
                                              for Courtney Love                           
            "I wrote poetry everywhere 
            on the walls, on his shirt
            I wrote poetry everywhere"                             
                I couldn't stop                                        
              at night on the sheets in our bed
            in my sleep in my dreams
            I wrote poetry everywhere
            on my face the war paint
            (stirring up all kinds of trouble)
            I wrote poetry on the table cloth
            in Jax's Fish House
            a haiku surrounded by wine
            glasses, white napkins, red brick
            walls, green fish - tiny dots of
            blue light hanging from the 
            ceiling - Nick Forrester eating sushi
            at the next table
            I wrote poetry everywhere
            I wrote poetry in books
            that didn't belong to me, past due,
            checked in, checked out,                                        
            on posters at the coffee 
            house, poetry notes on golden 
            peeling bathroom mirrors
            surprise tanka on the
            toilet seat
            I wrote poetry everywhere
            I wrote poetry on the stairs
            seven steps to the landing
            turn left.  Six more to your room.
            Listening to the blues, Muddy Waters
            wailing, sitting on the floor
            eating dates, drinking white wine.
            I wrote poetry everywhere.
            You made a pass, I didn't notice
            better to keep writing poetry
            Flat on my face, flat on my
            ass, flat on my back
            just keep writing 
            poetry everywhere

                           poet Teresinka Pereira
                                  Ottawa Hills, Ohio


                           Maybe the eagle, -without its role
                           of symbol- may fly with a winning life,
                           going through windows and doors
                           from town to town until it reaches
                           the sea, and gets free.

                           But here we are trapped in the
                           desperation of a useless thought,
                           and cannot conquer time, this
                           transparent enemy, hidden in itself,
                           devouring our strength.

                           How to write about this flow
                           of infidelity, without crying,
                           without feeling the hands empty,
                           counting the days that
                           go fast running before us all?

poet Marabai

I have felt the swaying of the elephant's shoulders, and now you want
me to climb on the jackass?  Try to be serious.

Mira says:  You who lift the mountains, I have some light, I want to
   mingle it with yours.

       poet Stephanie Hiteshew
             Columbia, Maryland


           Not just every
           cool evening
           do crisp edges
           hang in the balance
           still left to me.

                                poet Julie A. Dickson                 
                                    Exeter, New Hampshire


                                Illuminated shadows,
                                branches outlined,
                                in a small pool of last night;
                                hand empty of past,
                                grasped tightly
                                to dusk's ebony touch.

                                How much memory
                                can be locked
                                or released
                                into the sleep of before,
                                think of them once more
                                and turn the key,
                                closed tightly
                                in the chest of yesterday.


"Oh, my!," from Tama, "We now 
hear that Angelee Deodhar, dear friend of so many writers and poets, from Chandigarh, India, just passed away..."

Frosty: "This kitty picture she sent us says so much about her...

Mister Editor! This has become our teariest post ever..."

Yes, noble assistant editors, and- 
we do need to close our post... 
how should we do this?
Tama: "Heroines who journey for their souls sake through poetry, we'll return to them time and time again..."

States Frosty, "We'll honor their heroic words as often as can be..." 

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

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