Sunday, July 8, 2018

kitty and owl- Angelee Deodhar (we miss you so, Angelee) and Chris Faiers, Stephanie Hiteshew, Kelly Sauvage Angel, Jane Stuart, r. soos, and! ayaz daryl nielsen...

    poets Angelee Deodhar
   and Chris (Cricket) Faiers
        Marmora, Ontario  
       bad jokes and haiku
       flood Brahma

       love and light,

    poet Stephanie Hiteshew
      Columbia, Maryland

       Nights of Fire

       During a quiet night
       she stares into the fire,
       memories burning
       red and gold.

    poet Kelly Sauvage Angel
        Madison, Wisconsin

        old river town
        the damselfly dons
        her finest wings

        rabbit's rustle
        the sky brightening
        before sunrise


     poet Jane Stuart
        Greenup, Kentucky

        in the shadows
        lantern light
        night's quiet darkness


     poet r. soos
        Joshua Tree, California
               escapes from my heart
         with a spirit of its own
         notes of wild tears

     poet ayaz daryl nielsen
        Longmont, Colorado

          biome   home

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

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