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poets/artists: Ian Mullins, Karen O'Leary, pl. wick, Ed Markowski, Toma Rosen, Carl Mayfield, Suparna Ghosh, Patricia Carragon, t. kilgore splake, Julie A. Dickson, Kelly Sauvage Angel, Sandra María Esteves, and, Teresinka Pereira!

Flowing from the mighty shores of bear creek to you...

Assistant editor Tama, insisting, "Enough unnecessary
verbosity, Mister Editor- let the flow begin!"

"And any and all subsequent treats!," states assistant editor Frosty...

Ok, noble assistants- we'll begin with Ian Mullins!

                               Ian Mullins
                            Liverpool, England

                           scents of mown grass
                           and burnt apple pie –
                           finally a summer

                       dog loose on the beach –
                       the wind whistles louder
                       than his master                                

                                                   haiga from Karen O'Leary
                                                    West Fargo, North Dakota                 
         poet pl. wick
       Empire, Colorado

  chickadees  swaying
  from thin aspen branches
  through the windows
  the house cats...
  watching them

       strands of your hair
       plaited through my brush

       whispers of last night
                                                         artist Ed Markowski
                                                            Chicago, Illinois

                     poet Toma Rosen
              Mt Baldy Zen Center, California

     in a clear moraine lake
     fire-bellied trout glide--
     away over granite spurs
     and off into the clouds

     their shadows dissolving
     to stay behind...

                           left the door ajar
                           squirrel stayed the night

                           raisins and oatmeal--
                           no longer on this
                           morning's breakfast menu

              poet Carl Mayfield
              Rio Rancho, New Mexico

              Praise Be What's Next

                                                            pass over
                                                            with a gentle wave

                                 poet/artist Suparna Ghosh
                                  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  poet Patricia Carragon
     Brooklyn, New York                          

poem from 2017's INNOCENCE
      Finishing Line Press

  The 4-Dimensional Man

  The 4-dimensional man
  contains 4 ideas,
  4 times his squared root.

  The 4-dimensional cat
  contains more ideas,
  but she's not telling.

                           poet t. kilgore splake
                           Calumet, Michigan                                                 
                             poet pressing further

                               until totally alone

                            finally taking off mask                                


         poet Julie A. Dickson
         Exeter, New Hampshire

           spade full of dirt
         layered around  roses
             beauty inherent

                     poet Kelly Sauvage Angel
                         Madison, Wisconsin

                     old river town
                     the damselfly dons
                     her finest wings

                        sun specks
                        the old maple's whirligigs   
                        spinning still

                              poet Sandra María Esteves
                              New York, New York
                              from Bluestown Mockingbird Mamba
                              Arte Público Press

                Affirmations #2, There Is A Poet Inside You

                          Let the music come out.
                          Give her space to speak her name
                          crying to be heard.

                          How she sees through visible indifference.
                          Her sharp eye an architect's pen, electric,
                          deciphering cosmic symphonies,
                          on a mission,
                          beautiful as air, shaping wind,
                          a carpenter's knife edged in rays of light,
                          soft, fire blue, barely a horizon.

poet Teresinka Pereira
    Ottawa Hills, Ohio


The tree has freedom
without looking
at the world
But the sky can see it
in the storm,
and the wind
may disturb its peace.
I look at its shade,
at the green leaf,
at the sculpture
of its branches,
and I think,
there is the perfection
in existence!

assistant editors Frosty, Tama:
"Us 4-dimensional editorial
assistants are ready for treats!"

Well done, noble assistants!
Treats for all of us!
    4-dimensional happy mews...

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

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