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      Assistant Editor Tama, insisting, "Mister Editor, be nice to our writers and readers by publishing their poetry..."

     Assistant Editor Frosty, "And I share with Eyore my most special treats every time I see him!"

     Thank you, noble assistant editors! Our poets, and their poetic kindnesses!
                   (Tama..."is that a word?") 

poet James B. Peters  
                          Cottontown, Tennessee

before the sun
breaks the horizon
the pink kissed clouds

poet Jane Stuart   Greenup, Kentucky

             Inkblot memories
             faded pages
             childhood scribbles
             but your smile
             guided my hand

poet t. kilgore splake   
                  Calumet, Michigan

       echo of thunder

       storm moving in

   poet alone in the woods

    surrounded by friends

     waiting music of rain                 
                                              poet Steve Ausherman
                                              Albuquerque, New Mexico

                                                   Fresh tracks in crisp snow.
                                                     A midnight rabbit
                                                              Comes a calling'.

Lift the stone and you will find me,
Cleave the wood and I am there.

                       The Sayings of Jesus

Let me learn the lessons 
You have hidden in every leaf and rock.

                    Native American Prayer

(Tama: "Mister Editor borrowed these from Jane Breskin Zalben's lovely 
         Let There Be Light  
         Poems and Prayers for
          Repairing the World")

poet Bijoy Kumar Dubey
West Bengal, India
                                               poet Peggy Dugan French
  Poetry of                                  Cardiff, California
  Heart and soul 
  I want to write                           The Gift
  What is in my heart,
  In my soul,                                Friendship
  A poet of heart and soul,                In good times and bad
  Soul and heart                            The safe haven                              
  And I am trying                          That warms the heart always 
  My utmost best                             Even on the darkest days
  To write heartfully
  To write soulfully.                        Peggy Dugan French
                                                            Cardiff, California

poet Robin Gale Odam
Sacramento, California                              


I will sleep tonight . . . is that the
moonlight . . .  move closer to the
window, swirl the tea leaves in my
cup.  The cat steals onto my lap.
The beautiful nighttime.

Robin, with Joyce Odam, 
is editor of BREVITIES:  
              A Mini-Mag 
         Of Minimalist Poems

Frosty, insisting, "Extra treats
       for Robin's kitty!"

     an excerpt from
     Our Ancient Culture
     poet S. L. Peeran                            from Angelee Deodhar
     Bengaluru, India                            
     Our bare hands
     Created wonders                                
     Taj Mahal
     Konark, Lotus
     Temples, pieces of Art.
     Paintings, calligraphy.
     Textiles, carpets,
     Music, poetry,
     Dance and games.

     We are gifted
     Heaven and gods
     Have helped us.
     Happiness and joys
     Are part of our life.

poet Teresinka Pereira
Ottawa Hills, Ohio

What would we do                       poet Judith Partin-Nielsen
without machines                              Longmont, Colorado                    
to write with, to clean,
to go shopping                                  things unfold
or go to church;                                as they do                     
to measure the                                  and even at that                          
blood in our veins,                             there is
to send messages by air,                       a special beauty         
to climb to high floors,
to turn on lights,                        Endings #2
without microphones
to project the words                    folded flag from the casket
    I love you!                          pressed against my heart
                                            even now feeling your arms
                                            tightly around me

Assistant Editor Frosty, insisting, "Mister Editor, 
                   I have the perfect closing poem!". . .

    from  A YEAR WITH H A F I Z     via Daniel Ladinsky


            In a vision I heard this clearly whispered:

            Study those who sing the most, but are free
            of criticism or praise.

            Following that advice, things turned out 
            just as I suspected:

            I started spending more time with birds (and kitties).

umm, Frosty, you added kitties, didn't you...
Frosty:  "Mister Editor, I don't think Hafiz would mind!"
Well... I have to agree with you... 


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