Monday, June 4, 2018

from bear creek haiku: artist Ed Markowski! poets Dennis Rhodes, Amy Hrynchuk, Harry T. Roman, James B. Peters, Vernon Waring, Steve Ausherman, Stephanie Hiteshew, and t. kilgore splake!

Assistant Editor Tama, insisting, "Frosty and Mister Editor, make this post happen now! We have many fine poets and poems that need to be read and admired!!" 
Assistant Editor Frosty, "Yes, Tama!  And, we also have Ed Markowski's remarkable artwork!!" 

Yes, noble assistant editors- here we go!

     poet Dennis Rhodes   Naples, Florida

             Mother and ducklings
           cross the busy roadway as
           the world holds its breath.

                                                          artist Ed Markowski
          poet Amy Hrynchuk
    Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

            Hour of Need

    They were always near me
    and around me
    for most of my life.
    They never once stepped forwards
    to ever help or aid me.
    But when it came
    to my hour of need,
    they showed up with their 
    help and care.
    When my hour of need
    turned into my hours of need,
    they did not leave me.
    But instead, showed more strength.

             poet Harry T. Roman
                   East Orange, New Jersey                                     

    glowing TV through windows
    sounds of children laughing
    small town summer nights

                             red and gold morning
                             false promises
                             rain by noon

    warbling still
    my bird of youth
    this silver-backed spring

                         swollen, stiff old hands
                         tingle yet and tremble
                         caressing my dog’s soft fur


poet James B. Peters            
             Cottontown, Tennessee

in the stillness
of the evening
the distant train

          into the rising sun
          one crow
          flying past the window

                   before the storm
                   a stillness 
                   that lingers

poet Vernon Waring
     King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

       minimalism:  the poem

       is best

            poet Steve Ausherman
            Albuquerque, New Mexico                

            A weary barstool.
               The only solid ground
            He could find.

                             poet Stephanie Hiteshew
                             Columbia, Maryland


                             open as the sky,
                             mouth of the sea.

                          poet t. kilgore splake
                              Calumet, Michigan

  graybeard excitement

     poet and painter                            poet pushing further

  lost in new mysteries                           until totally alone

                                                   finally taking off mask

                          creative block exercise

                             words are words

                               writers write

Tama:  "Thank you, Ed, and 
our endearing poets!"

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