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bear creek haiku, poets/artists: Dennis Rhodes, Peggy Dugan French, Kelly Sauvage Angel, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Angelee Deodhar, phil wick, t. kilgore splake, Stephanie Hiteshew, Cathy Porter, A. A. Veitch, and Carl Mayfield!


assistant editor Tama, insisting, 
"We need a post of our poets 
and their poems, Mister Editor!"

"With lots of kitties!" states 
assistant editor Frosty

Yes, noble assistants!  
And, here we go... 

                           Dennis Rhodes   Naples, Florida

The kinder a person you are                  She wrote her #
the finer a poet you are.                       on the paper tablecloth--
                                                    a splendid blind date.


Peggy Dugan French
                Cardiff, California


nothing else
like you
to the moon and back
for you
ups and downs, twists and turns
beside you
joys and sorrows shared 
with you     
sunrises and sunsets
next to you       
today, another anniversary
close to you

       Frosty: "We be purring!                                   
       Kitty poems and art 
       from Kelly Sauvage Angel,
       Madison, Wisconsin!"...

    always the misfit
    the one-eyed calico
    nestled in my lap

                 first light
                 the old tabby waits
                 at the bed’s edge

       dropping beats
       on every measure
       twelve-bar blues

                       shaking snow
                       from the treetops
                       robin wings

Judith Partin-Nielsen
                Longmont, Colorado

     closing the circle

     closing the circle
     of my life
     diameter once as
     vast as the horizon
     now searching for
     the radius of
     that blessed path
     leading to the
     heart of Everything

"Our deepest happy mews to Angelee Deodhar for kitty haiga!,"
state Frosty and Tama- and!

                        phil wick  Empire Colorado          

                        TK- begs the question...

                            poet's ashes scattered
                            remote stream waters
                            do rainbows mind 
                            detritus on their roof

                                              (Tama: TK, t. kilgore splake)

                         t. kilgore splake   Calumet, Michigan

                autumn                        writer's understanding

                winds rustling trees          quiet serious thinker

                scattering leaves              searching for reality

                like poet's ghost              seeking creative self

                dark night shadows          discovering artistic freedom

                his forgotten poems          writing great new poems

                lost in stars                   ignoring peer pressures

                                                 telling others no


    Stephanie Hiteshew   
                       Columbia, Maryland

Eyes                              Property

Eyes,                              Nobody 
open as the sky,                 owns the
mouth of the sea.                moon.

     Cathy Porter
                         Omaha, Nebraska

paper trails
along the sidewalk
clean up in aisle Earth

                         one by one
                         the streetlights wink
                         at the corner boys

                          A. A. Veitch   Woodstock, Georgia

                      "Daughter Child"

                      When she blinked her eyes
                              she used her whole face to do it.
                      With her dress swooshing and swaying,
                              as she twirls in dance,
                              grace and dignity now cling to her.
                      The eyes of your daughter now no
                              longer child-like, has become a
                              science experiment to closely observe,
                              watch enthralled of, and die utterly
                      content of the job you finished.

Carl Mayfield
           Rio Rancho, New Mexico

. . .even so
has a chance
at compassion
because the heart
can be broken--
but who can wait that long!

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