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bear creek haiku, for, and from, you: Karen O'Leary, Kelly Sauvage Angel, Don A Ryan, r. soos, George Held, Steve Ausherman, Charles Bukowski, Carl Mayfield, Julie Dickson, Angelee Deodhar, Kelley Jean White, t. kilgore splake, Denver Stull, Don Wentworth!

Assistant Editor Tama suggests, "let's earn sweet treats today by creating a haiku post from and for our haiku poets!"
Assistant Editor Frosty, mewing, "Fine idea, Tama! And we'll
begin with dear friend Karen O'Leary!"

            poet Karen O'Leary   West Fargo, North Dakota

   winding down                    three trips
   the same crooked road         through the peanut gallery
   missing spring                    can't find Planters

              poet Kelly Sauvage Angel   Madison, Wisconsin

            always the misfit                 first light
            the one-eyed calico             the old tabby waits
            nestled in my lap                at the bed's edge

       From Tama, "Lucky kitties!"
       And Frosty, "Extra treats 
         for Karen and Kelly!"
"And, one from Don A. Ryan!"

poet Don A. Ryan   
                      Chicago, Illinois

                                    Pianos around
                         The world used to hold their notes
                                When Earl Hines played

                   poet r. soos   Joshua Tree, California

swarms                                place

of mad mosquitos                   becoming old folks
today sound more inviting         was not in our plans my love
than more politics                  yet here we are

paths                                  poet

name the trails we walk            I do not grow old            
but don't bother to map them       I simply feel more wild
the deer will not care               with the need to dance

Tama: "Above four are from 140 pages of r. soos's new book of poems, during the music, Cholla Needles Press, Joshua Tree, CA, and he is also editor of Cholla Needles, a monthly literary magazine, and one of our very favorites!"

                  poet George Held   New York, New York

                            Dog Hill Haiku

          in the Catskills                           Little Dipper pours
        many objects for haiku -                August into Big Dipper   
          no Fujiyama                               the sound of splashing

       Bluebird and warbler                  Frosty November
     have long since flown south -      morning - bare birch hosts sun
       crows' caws echo                       warmed junco

Frosty:  "Above are from the 22 pages of George Held's book of poems,                          DOG HILL POEMS, published last year by Goldfish Press!"

poet Steve Ausherman
        Albuquerque, New Mexico

         A screen door mosquito
           Buzzes with the aroma
         Of yellow potato salad.

    Cuts in fingers
      Blackened with motor oil
      of the working poor.

         Shot-up schools.
           Education always
         A soft target.
                                              haiga by Tama and Frosty,
                                                 published in Wild Violet

                         poet Charles Bukowski

       a sensible fellow                   bad fix

       when I fart                          old Butch, they fixed him,
          my cat could care               the girls don't look like much
       less.                                  anymore.

                        from Charles Bukowski on CATS
                           118 pages about his cats, 2015, 
                              by HarperCollinsPublishers

          poet Carl Mayfield              poet Julie Dickson   
          Rio Rancho, New Mexico            Exeter, New Hampshire

          her lowered eyelids                 spade full of dirt
               the only invitation             layered around roses
                    offered                     beauty inherent

poet Kelley Jean White
                         laconia, New Hampshire

         Unable to sleep
         stumbling to the window, blinking--
         first fireflies!

hoping for a meadow
I believe I'll stop 
mowing my lawn

    t. kilgore splake
                 Calumet, Michigan

    don't watch feel
                                        denying creative wisdom
   haiga, by Angelee                 poet should show not tell

"Mister Editor, it's your turn to choose a few poems!" says Tama...
Noble assistant editors, let's go to the first print issue of
bear creek haiku, way back in 1991...
"Well, ok," sighs Frosty, "even if you didn't have Tama and I
all the long way back then..."

                            poet Denver Stull

ragweed in bloom                            planting spring bulbs
   along the country road. . .                   the old dog 
      the old dog sneezes                           finds his bone

          poet Don Wentworth   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

November Man

          Second-story window sill -                   

          carton of milk, half a 

          sandwich- a hand


                                     The lilt of a morning songbird

                                     threads light into

                                     the weave of night

Noble assistants! We need to end this post,
it is long past time for our treats. . .
"And our belly rubs!," insists Frosty!

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

(We love you, Judith!)

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