Monday, April 2, 2018

poets of bear creek #143... Steve Ausherman, Bijoy Kumar Dubey, Judith Partin-Nielsen, t. kilgore splake, Patricia Carragon, r. soos, Diane Webster, and! artists Ed Markowski and Paula Yup...

poet Steve Ausherman
                       Albuquerque, New Mexico

           He, the Poet Laureate of paupers
              rummages through the dumpster
                           in lyrical majesty.

   Chalk drawings upon asphalt.
      Children scribbling away 

                      Tumbler of scotch.
                        So many reasons

 poet Bijoy Kumar Dubey
                         West Bengal, India

    In search of the Greater Self,
    Where have I reached,
    Where have I gone to?
    The Greater Self, the Greater Self,
    In search of the Greater Self,
    Where have I really?

    I want to catch, catch the fireflies,
    Glowing and glimmering
    With the bedazzled, bespangled
    Blinking light.

                                    artist Ed Markowski

poet Judith Partin-Nielsen                                artist Paula Yup
                   Longmont, Colorado

Der Blaue Reiter (Blue Rider)

Blues, oh so blue
bluesman, Blues Brothers
Blessed Virgin blue -
blue wave, blue
dolphin riding - blue -
blue, Stevie Ray blue
quitar and blow that sax
jazz man bluesman,
blue, blue bluer than
that cold blue night
blue moon, blue Miles
blowing that blue Bitches
Brew, Kind of Blue, blue
rain, Blue Note - blue trumpet
blowing blue, blue
and so gone, gone and
blue blown blues away

    t. kilgore splake
                      Calumet, Michigan

red tibetan prayer flag

floating on creek currents

poet's creative bloodline

            night alone in desert

       watching dark rocks come alive

           universe belongs to you

Patricia Carragon
                Brooklyn, New York


inside an old box
the calico seeks shelter
December snowstorm                    
when the lights go out              
cries from the cat                          Frosty: "CATKU!  Happy mews!"
take over the apartment                        Tama, "But, calico..."

   the mischievous cat
   curls up on the windowsill              early morning meows
   plans her next attack                     outside the bedroom door
                                                 cat adoption blues

                         poet r. soos   Joshua Tree, California

            wide                                     full moon

            the day overhead                       cleans this desert sand
            fills each silence forever              coyote and owls silent
            for a night of stars                     cholla sings solo

    lovers                                       evening

    kettledrum desert                         the birds fly quiet
    announcing dreams and instinct        overhead toward the sunset
    eat the wind and rain                    I fall in tonight

                     poet Diane Webster   Delta, Colorado

                                                           SOCCER FIELD

               Two crows land
               on the soccer goal
               and caw! caw! caw!
               as children take
               the ball
               and go home.

and, noble assistant editors, we'll go home, too-
treats are waiting for us!
(kitties purring)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

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