Wednesday, April 4, 2018

poets, bear creek haiku #143: normal, Stephanie Hiteshew, Teresinka Pereira, Vivian Bolland Schroeder, Dennis Saleh, Kelley Jean White, Paula Yup, Steve Ausherman, Judith Partin-Nielsen!...

                    poet normal   Saugerties, New York

       at the edge of the forest
       our young dog takes off                outside my window
       later we find him                         mountains reach up their
       pissing on the tree                        long misted arms,
       where the ashes of                        never quite
       his predecessors are buried.             catching the clouds.

             poet Stephanie Hiteshew   Columbia, Maryland

             Split                             Sting

             Branches crack                 Wind stings 
             and break                       my spine
             like the sun                     with its frigid breath.
             splitting the horizon.

                 poet Teresinka Pereira   Toledo, Ohio


                            Spring arrives
                            because it is Easter,
                            because it is Passover,
                            because we trust
                            in the word HOPE.
                            Registering all rebirth
                            with nature's brush
                            we go coloring time,
                            because the reason to live
                            it is an art we reinvent
                            every day!

                    poet Vivian Bolland Schroeder  Humble, Texas

       Shopkeepers' worn brooms
       Tidy foul city sidewalks
       Entrance by entrance                Burrs bow subserviently
                                                  before the mower,
                                               Spring up in cocky triumph 
                                                  behind it.                                                           

                        poet Dennis Saleh   Seaside, California   

                                      Socorro Moon, NM

                                      The relief
                                      of night

                                      The calm
                                      of white

                                      Stars that
                                      come out





                  poet Kelley Jean White   Laconia, New Hampshire

        alone again
        beneath the summer moon
        a hint of her scent

                                                   bursting through asphalt
                                                   to internet fame - Tokyo's
                                                   Heroic Daikon!

         poet and artist Paula Yup   Spokane, Washington

                 I am my Own Sovereign Nation

                 So whatever I figure for me
                 that is how I figure for me
                 and if I make my mistake
                 that isn't me making your mistake
                 see what I mean
                 whether it is my religion
                 or my country
                 or my family
                 or what color I have my hair
                 or the length of my hair
                 here I am
                 see this is me
                 I am not you
                 so I don't work your job
                 or exercise for you
                 I'm not going to write your essay
                 you have to do that yourself

               poet Steve Ausherman   Albuquerque, New Mexico

          Run-down neighborhoods                 Dark windows.
        And now condos on the horizon.           Sleepless. He searches
      The city remembers. The city forgets.         For hidden stars.

                  poet Judith Partin-Nielsen   Longmont, Colorado

                things unfold                    Blessed squirrels doing 
                as they do                        their spiritual practice
                and even in that                 Chewing off pieces
                there is                            of the prayer flag
                a special beauty                  to build their nest


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