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BREVITIES (a lovely Mini-Mag of Minimalist Poetry), and! poets Amy Hrynchuk, Karla Linn Merrifield, Judith Katz-Levine, Peggy Dugan French, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Carl Mayfield, Presley Alexandria Vischniac, Steve Ausherman, David Sermersheim, artists Rex Sexton, Beatrice Gaudy, and Angelee Deodhar!

                  BREVITIES  A Mini-Mag Of Minimalist Poems  

                     Editor:  Joyce Odam, 2432 48th Avenue
                     Sacramento, CA  95822-3809
                     Co-Editor: Robin Gale Odam
                     (No E-mail Mss)

Assistant editor Frosty:
"BREVITIES is about 3" by 4",
24 pages of minimalist poetry, next issue will be #181..."
Assistant editor Tama:
"BREVITIES from Joyce Odam
was one of our inspirations 
for creating bear creek haiku!"

Thank you, noble assistant editors!  And, here are poems from some of our awesome haiku/minimalist poets...

      poet Amy Hrynchuk   
                      Sherwood Park, Alberta


            is the sound of sadness.
            is the sound of awkwardness.
            is the sound of peacefulness.
            is the sound of loneliness.
            speaks for itself in many ways.

               poet Karla Linn Merrifield   North Fort Myers, Florida

          the shape of a ship

          I say again and again the shape

          of a ship the shape of a ship

          the shape of a ship determines the magnitude of its waves --

          my dream-ship's shape carved my name in Norwegian waters

poet Judith Katz-Levine     Norwood, Massachusetts

     The violet dawn haiku                Catskill Haiku               
     deaf woman stands sleeping         cirrus sleep on mountains
     longing for a flute, a recorder      gray cloud blanket over river
     the silence blossoms                   I was a giving daughter

poet Peggy Dugan French   Cardiff, California                      


In younger days they would reflect a simple longing 
then I moved on to loftier thoughts
like finding true love
and friends to spend my time with
Once found 
my dreams turned to the future
and building a foundation to launch them from 
Now I just want us all to be safe
sit across the table and share stories from time to time
Dreams now soar on love’s wings

poet Judith Partin-Nielsen
                    Longmont, Colorado


Sitting by the window,
looking out
cars and leaves pass by
rain, sun, wind
outside everything changes
inside only the holes
worn into the carpet

           artist Rex Sexton

poet Carl Mayfield
            Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Job Description

            Make my shadow proud.

                                                        artist Beatrice Gaudy

                  poet Presley Alexandria Vischniac   Missoula, Montana

                               Singleton Abbey Estate Park
                               [Swansea, Wales  UK]

                               Spokes  awry,  inverted

                               umbrella  on  holy  ground

                               bird  bath  baptismal

                 poet Steve Ausherman   Albuquerque, New Mexico

          Skinned knee glory
            Of afternoon recess.          Canopy of morning clouds.
          The pumping hearts                 Rising grackles
            Of young lions                 Begin their morning commute.
          Chasing the afternoon

                 poet David Sermersheim   Deep River, Connecticut

         the clock can't tell time            words can't contain all
       only mark the passing hour    sometimes we have to take flight
         two hands poised apart                hold to the simple

                            She was undiscovered land.
                                  He was no Ponce de Leon.

assistant editor Tama,
"our kitty friend
              via Angelee Deodhar!"

and, Frosty, "now... treats
and belly rubs?"

Treats for everyone, and,
belly rubs for kitties!...

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

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