Saturday, March 31, 2018

homes for our poems... Shemom, PANCAKES IN HEAVEN, CHOLLA NEEDLES, THE BIG WINDOWS REVIEW, Pogo and pl. wick, Trajectory, Whispers in the Wind, CC&D Magazine at Scars Publications, Origami Poems, The Mystic Blue Review, and, our beloved Bear Creek Haiku!

Assistant editor Tama:
"Mister Editor, we haven't created
a post in all of March- can we
do one soon?"
Adds assistant editor Frosty:
"Can we do four or five now?"

Noble assistant editors, this was a very busy March- but, let's do what we can...

Tama and Frosty: "Let's share what have been, for us, lovely, lively, and often un-usual homes for poems!" 

Yes! Here we go...

>Shemom "Editor/poet Peggy Dugan French is our bestest friend, our BFF," states Tama... three to four print issues a year, send poetry to:

Peggy Dugan French              one can also email her at:
2486 Montgomery Ave. 
Cardiff, CA  92007                
                  artist: Forest Dugan French

>PANCAKES IN HEAVEN, a monthly print publication, submissions and correspondence to:

                       Cory Meyer/Editor
                       Pancakes in Heaven
                       8275 Lost Lake Drive West
                       Saint Germain, Wisconsin   54558

"Cory Meyer!," states Frosty, "We really respect this man... once on a long, hard road, including prison, now, thankfully, a poet, publisher, humanitarian..."

>CHOLLA NEEDLES  edited by poet r soos, printed in Joshua Tree, CA...  
Frosty: "the coolest print publication ever," also publishing books of poetry by artists who have been featured in CHOLLA's pages and
have yet to find a publisher...  
especially features writers who live in or have visited the desert...

send your creative work to:
on the web at:            
>THE BIG WINDOWS REVIEW, a print publication of the Writing Center at Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, MI, editor Tom Zimmerman, assistant editor Ben Wielechowski and many Writing Center tutors...
"This, a very lovely publication," states Tama- "visit them!"
email is:         

>Pogo and pl. wick, formerly CHEAP SEATS- the more poetry you send, the more they experiment with finding 'their' various print formats (always eclectic)...  contact them at:  

                                   pl. wick, editor
                                   PO Box 249
                                   Empire, CO  80438-0249

>Trajectory  Writing That Illuminates  
editor/publisher Chris Helvey, with Gina Helvey, Clay Gibson, and Myra Summers...
This, a favorite print publication (also poetry appears on the website)- to have poetry selected and included in Trajectory is a 'more than usual' genuine honor.  At 150 pages, accepts submissions throughout the year... submit via USPS, SASE (a must), brief bio., no electronic submissions accepted, 3-5 poems, short stories up to 10,00 words, black and white photos and art.  Questions, you can contact
Submissions for consideration are sent to:

                               PO Box 655
                               Frankfort, KY

>Whispers in the Wind 
an endearing poetry website with endearing editor Karen O'Leary (and assistant editors from around the globe)... always fascinating and worthy poetic happening's...


>CC&D Magazine at Scars Publications, editor, Janet Kuypers: 
                         "the hardest working lit. mag in showbiz"
Tama, affirming, "This is the absolute hardest working poetry and lit. site we have, so!  You go there and find out for yourself...'
Great advice, noble assistant editor- you'll find all sorts of things that work for you and your poetic endeavors...  

>Origami Poems  Jan Keough and assistant editors
Frosty states, 'Simple- go there, participate- a totally cool concept!" 

>The Mystic Blue Review, as Tama insists, "is one very unique and beautiful site"- in their own words,

The Mystic Blue Review is a not-for-profit online global literary magazine. 


Our mission is to create a space for writers and artists to share their ​mystic creativity. ​Every writer has a distinct voice and we want to hear it, so don't be afraid to submit. 

​​If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please email:

>"And!" states Frosty, "There's our very own Bear Creek Haiku!"

your poetry can be mailed to: 
                        bear creek haiku
                        PO Box 596
                        Longmont, CO
                        USA                (an SASE is appreciated)

From other than the USA, email to (and/or)
If you choose to send poetry via email from within the US, 
that's ok, too (include postal address)

Tama:  "Yes!  Now, we'll close this post, beginning again with more worthy homes for our poems tomorrow!"

Well done, noble assistant editors...

see you in a moment

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