Thursday, February 1, 2018

Bradley Mcilwain, Patricia Carragon, George Held, artist Rachael Ikins, Candi Cooper-Towler, Juanita Torrence-Thompson, Joanna M. Weston, Gene Gryniewicz, Cathy Porter, and, Deborah H. Doolittle! Judith Partin-Nielsen!

                  poet Bradley Mcilwain   Brooklyn, Ontario, Canada

      standing at the door
      jazz plays in a tiny bookshop —
      a song in my heart
                                              waiting for a friend
                                              book in hand, at the station —
                                              a new train of thought

poet Patrica Carragon   Brooklyn, New York               

           seeking sanity
                    in the Age of Trump
                              cat meditation                                                  
the singing bowl 
cannot compete
with the purring cat

                           on a blanket of leaves
                           neighborhood kittens
                           play hide-and-seek

              early morning meows
              outside the bedroom door
              cat adoption blues

(for Steve Luttrell)
like a cat
      the wind 
           has its own agenda

        poet George Held   New York, New York

         The moon racing
      to full – seeing it never
         grows old

                          Behind a scrim
                      of spring showers –
                         the full May moon
                                                           ^artwork^:  Koi Joy
                                                           by Rachael Z. Ikins

             poet Candi Cooper-Towler   Longmont, Colorado   

     chalk art                         walking home
     on the school sidewalk         weaving through the neighborhood
     sparrows playing hopscotch     searching for shade

              poet Juanita Torrence-Thompson   Bayside, New york

                    HAIKU --  QUEENS BOTANICAL GARDEN

                    Queens Botanical
                    Garden is the crown jewel
                    Of this fine borough

                    HAIKU #12 --  KOTO:  THE JAPANESE HARP

                    She plays the Koto
                    Softly as a gentle wind
                    Strokes the olive branches

      poet Joanna M. Weston   Shawnigan Lake
                                    British Columbia

      the newsboy
      cast in bronze
      still delivering

                                  by the steam -
                                  our faded photo

poet Gene Gryniewicz   Tinley Park, illinois

                 First Day of Spring

Remove the blanket!
There is a garden there, still
dreaming blue flowers.

       poet Cathy Porter   Omaha, Nebraska

             coffee stains
             on her notebook
             late night secrets

                     The Reasons I Love You

                      are plural
                      in the highest sense
                      an endless ray of sun
                      that never dims
                      even on days
                      i like you less

          poet Deborah H. Doolittle   Jacksonville, North Carolina

                Li Ch'ing-chao Overlooking Chrysanthemums

                           (1084?-1151, Tang Dynasty)

                Wind, rain, seasons, autumn
                comes again.  Migrating song birds
                join the wild geese that appear
                and disappear.  I am as hail
                as these blossoms, and as frail
                as the petals that flutter, then scatter.
                I have grown weary with sorrow,
                the encroachment of evening shadows
                on fading daylight.  These golden
                chrysanthemums droop in the garden,
                litter the ground I refuse to tread.
                I stand at my window and bow my head.

        poet Judith Partin-Nielsen   Longmont, Colorado

Winter Woman

skin of golden ash                                           
mystery of face               
abstracted in beauty
loosened chignon of promise
graceful ellipses of waist, widening to                 
hips opening like
the mouth of a river
giving birth to the world

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