Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Miriam Sagan, in residence!... Kura Studio, Fukuoka, Japan

                              poetry by Miriam Sagan

         eating strawberries                          red gates
         by the red tori gates--                      of the fox shrine
         you'd like it too                             among skyscrapers

                               photos by Miriam Sagan

        vending machine light                 tree mushrooms
        shadow closes the curtain             at Kannon's feet, flower
        Tokyo alley                              in soda bottle                              

        an old man                          paper screen
        hits an orange golf ball—          can't die the full moon, cold
        this park in winter                  of the new year

        house slippers                            lit train
        earthquake helmet                      across dark rice fields--
        Japanese morning                       our flashlights



    weathered buddhas—                     coins in shrine box
    just a nowhere temple                   coins in vending machine
    by the train station                      hot latte

    large white cat                                             sunny day--
    with calligraphic markings                               even the dust 
    Itoshima dawn                                             looks better!

    shell markings                              he isn't home
    delicate black on white—                  just a rake and a broom
    trashed beach                               the local priest

                               crows soar
                               now that the rain has cleared
                               snow mountains


assistant editor Frosty, 
stating, "That was fun!"
and, assistant editor Tama, adding, "Yes!
And all the way from Fukuoka, Japan!"
Well done, 
noble assistant editors!

see you in a moment

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