Friday, April 13, 2018

BREVITIES (a lovely Mini-Mag of Minimalist Poetry), and! poets Amy Hrynchuk, Karla Linn Merrifield, Judith Katz-Levine, Peggy Dugan French, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Carl Mayfield, Presley Alexandria Vischniac, Steve Ausherman, David Sermersheim, artists Rex Sexton, Beatrice Gaudy, and Angelee Deodhar!

                  BREVITIES  A Mini-Mag Of Minimalist Poems  

                     Editor:  Joyce Odam, 2432 48th Avenue
                     Sacramento, CA  95822-3809
                     Co-Editor: Robin Gale Odam
                     (No E-mail Mss)

Assistant editor Frosty:
"BREVITIES is about 3" by 4",
24 pages of minimalist poetry, next issue will be #181..."
Assistant editor Tama:
"BREVITIES from Joyce Odam
was one of our inspirations 
for creating bear creek haiku!"

Thank you, noble assistant editors!  And, here are poems from some of our awesome haiku/minimalist poets...

      poet Amy Hrynchuk   
                      Sherwood Park, Alberta


            is the sound of sadness.
            is the sound of awkwardness.
            is the sound of peacefulness.
            is the sound of loneliness.
            speaks for itself in many ways.

               poet Karla Linn Merrifield   North Fort Myers, Florida

          the shape of a ship

          I say again and again the shape

          of a ship the shape of a ship

          the shape of a ship determines the magnitude of its waves --

          my dream-ship's shape carved my name in Norwegian waters

poet Judith Katz-Levine     Norwood, Massachusetts

     The violet dawn haiku                Catskill Haiku               
     deaf woman stands sleeping         cirrus sleep on mountains
     longing for a flute, a recorder      gray cloud blanket over river
     the silence blossoms                   I was a giving daughter

poet Peggy Dugan French   Cardiff, California                      


In younger days they would reflect a simple longing 
then I moved on to loftier thoughts
like finding true love
and friends to spend my time with
Once found 
my dreams turned to the future
and building a foundation to launch them from 
Now I just want us all to be safe
sit across the table and share stories from time to time
Dreams now soar on love’s wings

poet Judith Partin-Nielsen
                    Longmont, Colorado


Sitting by the window,
looking out
cars and leaves pass by
rain, sun, wind
outside everything changes
inside only the holes
worn into the carpet

           artist Rex Sexton

poet Carl Mayfield
            Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Job Description

            Make my shadow proud.

                                                        artist Beatrice Gaudy

                  poet Presley Alexandria Vischniac   Missoula, Montana

                               Singleton Abbey Estate Park
                               [Swansea, Wales  UK]

                               Spokes  awry,  inverted

                               umbrella  on  holy  ground

                               bird  bath  baptismal

                 poet Steve Ausherman   Albuquerque, New Mexico

          Skinned knee glory
            Of afternoon recess.          Canopy of morning clouds.
          The pumping hearts                 Rising grackles
            Of young lions                 Begin their morning commute.
          Chasing the afternoon

                 poet David Sermersheim   Deep River, Connecticut

         the clock can't tell time            words can't contain all
       only mark the passing hour    sometimes we have to take flight
         two hands poised apart                hold to the simple

                            She was undiscovered land.
                                  He was no Ponce de Leon.

assistant editor Tama,
"our kitty friend
              via Angelee Deodhar!"

and, Frosty, "now... treats
and belly rubs?"

Treats for everyone, and,
belly rubs for kitties!...

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

your poetry can be mailed to: 
                        bear creek haiku
                        PO Box 596
                        Longmont, CO
                        USA                (an SASE is appreciated)

From other than the USA, email to (and/or) (include postal address)

If you choose to send poetry via email from within the US, 
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Best to all our creative endeavors!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

poets, bear creek haiku #143: normal, Stephanie Hiteshew, Teresinka Pereira, Vivian Bolland Schroeder, Dennis Saleh, Kelley Jean White, Paula Yup, Steve Ausherman, Judith Partin-Nielsen!...

                    poet normal   Saugerties, New York

       at the edge of the forest
       our young dog takes off                outside my window
       later we find him                         mountains reach up their
       pissing on the tree                        long misted arms,
       where the ashes of                        never quite
       his predecessors are buried.             catching the clouds.

             poet Stephanie Hiteshew   Columbia, Maryland

             Split                             Sting

             Branches crack                 Wind stings 
             and break                       my spine
             like the sun                     with its frigid breath.
             splitting the horizon.

                 poet Teresinka Pereira   Toledo, Ohio


                            Spring arrives
                            because it is Easter,
                            because it is Passover,
                            because we trust
                            in the word HOPE.
                            Registering all rebirth
                            with nature's brush
                            we go coloring time,
                            because the reason to live
                            it is an art we reinvent
                            every day!

                    poet Vivian Bolland Schroeder  Humble, Texas

       Shopkeepers' worn brooms
       Tidy foul city sidewalks
       Entrance by entrance                Burrs bow subserviently
                                                  before the mower,
                                               Spring up in cocky triumph 
                                                  behind it.                                                           

                        poet Dennis Saleh   Seaside, California   

                                      Socorro Moon, NM

                                      The relief
                                      of night

                                      The calm
                                      of white

                                      Stars that
                                      come out





                  poet Kelley Jean White   Laconia, New Hampshire

        alone again
        beneath the summer moon
        a hint of her scent

                                                   bursting through asphalt
                                                   to internet fame - Tokyo's
                                                   Heroic Daikon!

         poet and artist Paula Yup   Spokane, Washington

                 I am my Own Sovereign Nation

                 So whatever I figure for me
                 that is how I figure for me
                 and if I make my mistake
                 that isn't me making your mistake
                 see what I mean
                 whether it is my religion
                 or my country
                 or my family
                 or what color I have my hair
                 or the length of my hair
                 here I am
                 see this is me
                 I am not you
                 so I don't work your job
                 or exercise for you
                 I'm not going to write your essay
                 you have to do that yourself

               poet Steve Ausherman   Albuquerque, New Mexico

          Run-down neighborhoods                 Dark windows.
        And now condos on the horizon.           Sleepless. He searches
      The city remembers. The city forgets.         For hidden stars.

                  poet Judith Partin-Nielsen   Longmont, Colorado

                things unfold                    Blessed squirrels doing 
                as they do                        their spiritual practice
                and even in that                 Chewing off pieces
                there is                            of the prayer flag
                a special beauty                  to build their nest


Noble assistant editors, Frosty
and Tama, thank you for your
worthy assistance with this post!
Extra treats for everyone!...
Happy mews 

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

Monday, April 2, 2018

poets of bear creek #143... Steve Ausherman, Bijoy Kumar Dubey, Judith Partin-Nielsen, t. kilgore splake, Patricia Carragon, r. soos, Diane Webster, and! artists Ed Markowski and Paula Yup...

poet Steve Ausherman
                       Albuquerque, New Mexico

           He, the Poet Laureate of paupers
              rummages through the dumpster
                           in lyrical majesty.

   Chalk drawings upon asphalt.
      Children scribbling away 

                      Tumbler of scotch.
                        So many reasons

 poet Bijoy Kumar Dubey
                         West Bengal, India

    In search of the Greater Self,
    Where have I reached,
    Where have I gone to?
    The Greater Self, the Greater Self,
    In search of the Greater Self,
    Where have I really?

    I want to catch, catch the fireflies,
    Glowing and glimmering
    With the bedazzled, bespangled
    Blinking light.

                                    artist Ed Markowski

poet Judith Partin-Nielsen                                artist Paula Yup
                   Longmont, Colorado

Der Blaue Reiter (Blue Rider)

Blues, oh so blue
bluesman, Blues Brothers
Blessed Virgin blue -
blue wave, blue
dolphin riding - blue -
blue, Stevie Ray blue
quitar and blow that sax
jazz man bluesman,
blue, blue bluer than
that cold blue night
blue moon, blue Miles
blowing that blue Bitches
Brew, Kind of Blue, blue
rain, Blue Note - blue trumpet
blowing blue, blue
and so gone, gone and
blue blown blues away

    t. kilgore splake
                      Calumet, Michigan

red tibetan prayer flag

floating on creek currents

poet's creative bloodline

            night alone in desert

       watching dark rocks come alive

           universe belongs to you

Patricia Carragon
                Brooklyn, New York


inside an old box
the calico seeks shelter
December snowstorm                    
when the lights go out              
cries from the cat                          Frosty: "CATKU!  Happy mews!"
take over the apartment                        Tama, "But, calico..."

   the mischievous cat
   curls up on the windowsill              early morning meows
   plans her next attack                     outside the bedroom door
                                                 cat adoption blues

                         poet r. soos   Joshua Tree, California

            wide                                     full moon

            the day overhead                       cleans this desert sand
            fills each silence forever              coyote and owls silent
            for a night of stars                     cholla sings solo

    lovers                                       evening

    kettledrum desert                         the birds fly quiet
    announcing dreams and instinct        overhead toward the sunset
    eat the wind and rain                    I fall in tonight

                     poet Diane Webster   Delta, Colorado

                                                           SOCCER FIELD

               Two crows land
               on the soccer goal
               and caw! caw! caw!
               as children take
               the ball
               and go home.

and, noble assistant editors, we'll go home, too-
treats are waiting for us!
(kitties purring)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

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Best to all our creative endeavors!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

homes for our poems... Shemom, PANCAKES IN HEAVEN, CHOLLA NEEDLES, THE BIG WINDOWS REVIEW, Pogo and pl. wick, Trajectory, Whispers in the Wind, CC&D Magazine at Scars Publications, Origami Poems, The Mystic Blue Review, and, our beloved Bear Creek Haiku!

Assistant editor Tama:
"Mister Editor, we haven't created
a post in all of March- can we
do one soon?"
Adds assistant editor Frosty:
"Can we do four or five now?"

Noble assistant editors, this was a very busy March- but, let's do what we can...

Tama and Frosty: "Let's share what have been, for us, lovely, lively, and often un-usual homes for poems!" 

Yes! Here we go...

>Shemom "Editor/poet Peggy Dugan French is our bestest friend, our BFF," states Tama... three to four print issues a year, send poetry to:

Peggy Dugan French              one can also email her at:
2486 Montgomery Ave. 
Cardiff, CA  92007                
                  artist: Forest Dugan French

>PANCAKES IN HEAVEN, a monthly print publication, submissions and correspondence to:

                       Cory Meyer/Editor
                       Pancakes in Heaven
                       8275 Lost Lake Drive West
                       Saint Germain, Wisconsin   54558

"Cory Meyer!," states Frosty, "We really respect this man... once on a long, hard road, including prison, now, thankfully, a poet, publisher, humanitarian..."

>CHOLLA NEEDLES  edited by poet r soos, printed in Joshua Tree, CA...  
Frosty: "the coolest print publication ever," also publishing books of poetry by artists who have been featured in CHOLLA's pages and
have yet to find a publisher...  
especially features writers who live in or have visited the desert...

send your creative work to:
on the web at:            
>THE BIG WINDOWS REVIEW, a print publication of the Writing Center at Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, MI, editor Tom Zimmerman, assistant editor Ben Wielechowski and many Writing Center tutors...
"This, a very lovely publication," states Tama- "visit them!"
email is:         

>Pogo and pl. wick, formerly CHEAP SEATS- the more poetry you send, the more they experiment with finding 'their' various print formats (always eclectic)...  contact them at:  

                                   pl. wick, editor
                                   PO Box 249
                                   Empire, CO  80438-0249

>Trajectory  Writing That Illuminates  
editor/publisher Chris Helvey, with Gina Helvey, Clay Gibson, and Myra Summers...
This, a favorite print publication (also poetry appears on the website)- to have poetry selected and included in Trajectory is a 'more than usual' genuine honor.  At 150 pages, accepts submissions throughout the year... submit via USPS, SASE (a must), brief bio., no electronic submissions accepted, 3-5 poems, short stories up to 10,00 words, black and white photos and art.  Questions, you can contact
Submissions for consideration are sent to:

                               PO Box 655
                               Frankfort, KY

>Whispers in the Wind 
an endearing poetry website with endearing editor Karen O'Leary (and assistant editors from around the globe)... always fascinating and worthy poetic happening's...


>CC&D Magazine at Scars Publications, editor, Janet Kuypers: 
                         "the hardest working lit. mag in showbiz"
Tama, affirming, "This is the absolute hardest working poetry and lit. site we have, so!  You go there and find out for yourself...'
Great advice, noble assistant editor- you'll find all sorts of things that work for you and your poetic endeavors...  

>Origami Poems  Jan Keough and assistant editors
Frosty states, 'Simple- go there, participate- a totally cool concept!" 

>The Mystic Blue Review, as Tama insists, "is one very unique and beautiful site"- in their own words,

The Mystic Blue Review is a not-for-profit online global literary magazine. 


Our mission is to create a space for writers and artists to share their ​mystic creativity. ​Every writer has a distinct voice and we want to hear it, so don't be afraid to submit. 

​​If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please email:

>"And!" states Frosty, "There's our very own Bear Creek Haiku!"

your poetry can be mailed to: 
                        bear creek haiku
                        PO Box 596
                        Longmont, CO
                        USA                (an SASE is appreciated)

From other than the USA, email to (and/or)
If you choose to send poetry via email from within the US, 
that's ok, too (include postal address)

Tama:  "Yes!  Now, we'll close this post, beginning again with more worthy homes for our poems tomorrow!"

Well done, noble assistant editors...

see you in a moment

                                bear creek haiku   poetry, poems and info 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Poets of Bear Creek Haiku: Josh Medsker, O. P. Arora, Bijoy Kumar Dubey, Jules Paige, Ed Markowski, Marc Carver, Judith Partin-Nielsen and Patricia Carragon!

               poet Josh Medsker

Students yelling out, but my focus is outside.                  

Rain wet the headstone of Louis Greenberg, 
and his flowers have lost their petals,


tissuethin oak leaves
make a small meal for the squirrel
across the graveyard


My Valentine                                     
                                                 poet O. P. Arora

                         O God
         Let the Ganges of love
         flow through my veins and arteries
         pure, pious, simple…

         Let me be the fount of love
         hundreds of sprouts
         showering love over everyone…

         Let me be immersed in love
         me be nothing but love
         spread all around the joy of eternal love…


                        Bob Dylan,                  poet Bijoy Kumar Dubey
                        Where do you                                                

                        Lie you
                        Stringing the guitar,
                        Today is Valentine's day,
                        Bob Dylan,
                        Your song
                        The song of life,
                        Your music
                        The music of life,
                        Your rhythm
                        The rhythm of life,
                        Your vibes
                        The vibes of the world?


poet Jules Paige

                    sound bite?

                    two hungry hawk work
                    together to destroy a
                    squirrel's nest; a feast?

                    not on this cold winter’s day,
                    I watched the squirrel go free


                            free*flight*fought*found  - 

                            raven’ mad they said
                            hoarder, holder, mind miser;
                            how little they knew...

                            I clawed my way to the heights -
                            self guided, screamed, I and lived

                            everything can be
                            cyclical - wait for me, do -
                            I will return - glad 


                          'pencil madness'  poet Ed Markowski

poet Marc Carver

                    I looked at the back of the man's head on the plane
                    his daughter kept trying to get his attention
                    but he wouldn't look up from his book
                    or whatever he was doing.

                    I stared into that fat head
                    and told him to spend some time with his daughter.

                    Straight away he started to look and talk to her.
                    If I couldn't do one thing else in my miserable life
                    at least 
                    I did that.

                    poet Judith Partin-Nielsen

                    Poetry Everywhere
                                                 for Courtney Love

                   "I wrote poetry everywhere
                    on the walls, on his shirt
                    I wrote poetry everywhere"                             
                    I couldn't stop                                        
                    at night on the sheets in our bed
                    in my sleep in my dreams
                    I wrote poetry everywhere
                    on my face the war paint
                    (stirring up all kinds of trouble)
                    I wrote poetry on the table cloth
                    in Jax's Fish House
                    a haiku surrounded by wine
                    glasses, white napkins, red brick
                    walls, green fish - tiny dots of
                    blue light hanging from the 
                    ceiling - Nick Forrester eating sushi
                    at the next table
                    I wrote poetry everywhere
                    I wrote poetry in books
                    that didn't belong to me, past due,
                    checked in, checked out,
                    on posters at the coffee 
                    house, poetry notes on golden 
                    peeling bathroom mirrors
                    surprise tanka on the
                    toilet seat
                    I wrote poetry everywhere
                    I wrote poetry on the stairs
                    seven steps to the landing
                    turn left.  Six more to your room.
                    Listening to the blues, Muddy Waters
                    wailing, sitting on the floor
                    eating dates, drinking white wine.
                    I wrote poetry everywhere.
                    You made a pass, I didn't notice
                    better to keep writing poetry
                    Flat on my face, flat on my
                    ass, flat on my back
                    just keep writing 
                    poetry everywhere

poet Patricia Carragon
                                                    past the open doors
                                                  of a stalled train
                                                birdsong enters

children found in ash
can’t see or feel the sunlight
*duas blurred by war

*duas—Arabic: plural for dua, a prayer of supplication

                                                   slender branches
                                                   dress in white petals
                                                   April bouquets

sipping golden milk
turmeric sunshine
on a cold March night

                                                    frozen crocuses
                                                    inside a Brooklyn garden
                                                    March lives in the fridge

Daylight saving time
jet lag in Brooklyn
is no vacation

                                                     behind my shades
                                                     afternoon sun

   loss of flowers
   hang stolen trust
   outside my door

assistant editor Tama:                              
"Frosty, wonderful poets,
fascinating poems!"

assistant editor Frosty:
"Tama, kitties' are purring!"

Another fine post you've
created, noble assistant editors,
with dear friends (Patricia Carragon, for one), and, our beloved Judith-
extra treats for all of us!
(kitties, playing, purring...)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

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