Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Angelee Deodhar: JOURNEYS 2017, and! Joy Leftow: TUPELO HONEY

Tama, assistant editor:                                                                                                    
'Two of our bestest friends          
('and most favorite people',
states assistant ed. Frosty)
have had their latest 
('and loveliest', says Frosty)
creative endeavors published!'
'And they are must reads!'
again, Sir Frosty)

haibun, first used by Matsuo Bashō,
is now well established in world 
literature, and continues to evolve...

"haibun is a descriptive prose
scene, a special moment, or a 
wholly fictional, dreamlike space.  
The accompanying haiku directly and/or 
subtly relates to the prose, hinting
at/enhancing the heart 
essence of a haibun"

Angelee Deodhar has been/is/and,
we hope, will be everywhere in the 
creative writing/publishing community worldwide,
including! (from Miriam Sagan):

'There are ten poetry posts on Santa Fe Community College’s campus. I’m still curating them, if retired. Yesterday I walked the posts and put up 10 haibun from Angelee Deodhar in India. They speak of her many journeys, inner and outer.'

Haibun travels from India to Santa Fe thanks to Miriam Sagan first-international- contributor-angelee-deodhar/                    and!

Angelee Deodhar's new book Journeys 2017the third anthology of international haibun is now available on Amazon.
Edited by Angelee Deodhar, it has a total of 133 haibun, the work of 29 poets of international repute.
This is the link for ordering the anthology from Amazon:

Joy Leftow, newly wed! (chorus of congratulatory
meows from assistant editors, Judith, and I!) and! with a new collection of her poems just released!

My Puter

My computer is who I am
I type my secret thoughts 

they move into reality 
Everything about me is there 
in my puter’s desktop

Who I am, my purchases
over several years,
made by internet of course
my music, my photos, my monies,

Its all there
my poetry, short stories, my novels 

my screenplay uh, oh,
Wrote a few on a typewriter

Only hard copies there,
Oh well - almost everything
Still have hard copies of a few things
s all my letters, business correspondence

Everything, my entire life 
stands there before me 
in my computers gaze

Joy Leftow 

violetwrites on twitter, linked in, reverberation and youtube

Tama:  Angelee and Joy (Frosty: 'such lovely names!'), 
Journeys 2017  An Anthology of International Haibun, Edited by Angelee Deodhar, 
Tupelo Honey and other tales by Joy Leftow...

Tama:  'we have our copies!'                           

Frosty:  'here's hoping you 
have your copies, too!'

well done, 
noble assistant editors...
treats for everyone!
(many happy meows, 
including mine)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


Monday, March 20, 2017

Ode to Joy (times two)... George Held, Phased II, and! t. kilgore splake, GHOST LIGHT

assistant editor Tama: 'two most favorite poets and recent collections 
of their poetry!'

George Held, Phased II


t. kilgore splake,

from Poets Wear Prada, George Held's 'poems of the moon's human attributes', 'full-throated and alive'

'including haiku!' states assistant editor Frosty...

 Full moon --
                                                 They roost
nothing to say                               one by one --
                                             crows at moonrise


'here's my favorite'
states Tama...

Moon In Well 

Moon in well, 
illusion it fell

there.  Still,
its image sits

there, in deep
silence, profound

stillness, silence.
Well, well. . .

Front cover photo by Kunihiko Mitzutani, author photo                 
by Cheryl Filsinger
from Poets Wear Prada, Hoboken, New Jersey...ISBN 9780997981100

from Gage Printing Company: t. kilgore splake's GHOST LIGHT                             

'you know, this 
recent photo of t. kilgore 
says all
that needs to be said'

Tama: 'here's my favorite
GHOST LIGHT poem...                        

     mysterious surprises

   ginsberg's sutra wisdom
      beyond bleak lives
   golden sunflowers grow
   hans christian anderson
   ugly unwanted duckling
   suddenly beautiful swan
     fat furry caterpillar
       weaving cocoon
emerging magnificent butterfly
   drunk college professor
      sipping black coffee
       writing first poem
   experiencing holy feeling
       beginning new life

'let's all send t. splake several
post cards and/or emails
stating 'all these years, and still so well done'

                          t. kilgore splake
                          25214 ash street
                          calumet, mi  49913

Tama...  'let's google both gentlemen, and learn all we can about two of our most established and esteemed poets!'

indeed, noble assistants, and we are fortunate to have copies of both their recent (and many of their past) poetry collections

Frosty:  'how 'bout we settle in
with a few treats and                    
read their poems to Judith?'

yes, Frosty!
and let's do it right now

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Window Left Open, ayaz daryl nielsen's haiku chapbook, released by Prolific Press!

Encouraging allsortsahfolks everywheres' to engage with, perhaps review, and/or- purchase! Prolific Press's release of our chapbook, Window Left Open... thirty-six haiku, formerly published in such loverly homes as Shamrock (The Irish Haiku Association), Lilliput Review, Cheap Seats, SHEMOM, and Whisper's In The wind...
to be purchased online from
Prolific Press Bookstore                    

from us (Tama, Frosty 
and ayaz daryl) 
for $10, sent to:

PO Box 596, 
Longmont, CO  

Tama suggests:  'if you really want a copy, just send us postage (let's say $3), and we'll send you a copy'...

from Frosty:  'or just ask us for a copy, and we'll send you one'

        Tama: 'let's show everyone two or three of our poems!'

              yes, noble assistant editors, excellent ideas...

                                  raindrops smattering

                                   across the driveway

                                  all they are, revealed

  your scent

more than the

  letter itself

                            kestrel hovering

                                  so, too, 

                               the moment

well, such a blessing, having Window Left Open published by Prolific Press, and!  we still have twenty books we want to review!

Tama, 'including loverly poets and artists such as George Held and Angelee Deodhar, all of them also dear friends!'

States Frosty, 'now, let's spend the remainder of this day organizing our upcoming words, posts, poems, and, treats! Including Judy!' 

Excellent, Tama, Frosty- and let's all begin with treats!
                      (Meows and purrs abound)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

bear creek haiku #139: poets Patricia Carragon, Joy Leftow, Carl Mayfield, t kilgore splake, Don Wentworth, artists: Rex Sexton and Paula Yup


assistant editor 
Tama:  'here are just a few of the loverly poets and poems from the heart 
of print 
bear creek haiku #139'

and assistant 
editor Frosty:  
'they are the extra-special treats for the rest of us!'

('all my stories' 
first appeared in 
Gabriel Sawicki's 
a haiku journal)

    In the evening when the trees
    are in recovery from sunlight
    the color and sound of new leaves
    passes between worlds, more worlds
    than we can bear in this life.
    Not needing a name to find their way,
    the trees emerge at first light
    with a fluttering hello, simple one:
    you new in town?

                Carl Mayfield
                Rio Rancho  New Mexico

    hanging low
    the willow
    with the

                 writing haiku
                 while I walk,
                 before I know it -

                 but where?

Don Wentworth  Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

^thank you, Rochelle!^
 Brooklyn, New York

                             like tombstones
                             the rocks remember
                             each flower that died                                    

a praia dorme
         a maré, um corbertor
                   a lua assiste

the beach sleeps
         the tide, a blanket
                    the moon watches

         behind Brooklyn Bridge
         walls of gray mist hide skyline
         delusional rain

 Chanukah candles
 8 days of light
 defeat the darkness

              Patricia Carragon
              Brooklyn  New York
                                                                ^Paula Yup^
                                                          Spokane  Washington


        poet's driven habits

      ignoring everyone else
         those talking arts

                   t kilgore splake
                   calumet  michigan


I wonder when I

Forgot to sing my love song

Maybe time lost love
^Rex Sexton  miss ya^              Joy Leftow   New York  New York

this post, created by noble editorial assistants Tama and Frosty-
they've earned favorite treats and an evening of extra cuddles
from Judith and I...

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Gene Gryniewicz, Dorothy Walters, Patrick McDonnell, and! one from Prolific Press! (by ayaz daryl nielsen)

noble assistant editors Tama, Frosty, we have twenty-plus poetry books on (and under) the desk that we've promised ourselves ("and the poets", states Tama) we'd review ("because we love 'em", says Frosty) but these reviews, we haven't done them!  
     What should we do?

"We'll increase the number of posts we create each month", insists Tama 
"and the number of treats", says Frosty         
                                                 Yes!! and what else?

Tama: "We can move beyond feeling overwhelmed by reviewing just three or four loverly poetry collections in each post"
"And we'll have time and treats enough to give the three or four in each post extra TLC", insists Frosty
                Excellent, my friends!  Let's do it!
                A three meow salute from us, for us, for everyone!     


The awesome foursome we'll review in this post are:
Gene Gryniewicz, 'Learning Dreams As A Second Language'

Dorothy Walters, 'Some Kisses We Want:  Poems Selected and New'

Patrick McDonnell ("and Earl and Mooch", states Frosty):
                                                  'The Gift of Nothing'

"and, last", says Tama, "a surprise someone(s) we're especially fond of, with a poetry chapbook from Prolific Press!"
Frosty, purring...

We'll begin with Gene:

Gene Gryniewicz (who has Parkinson's) sent us an endearing letter- 'when I was at my lowest, attitudinally, Bear Creek Haiku was there to draw from me a line a word an all important syllable... which kept my artistic head above water... BCH springboarded me to a series of short children' stories (everything to do with bears) and to the gift I'm sending, a just-published collection of my poetry'-

Learning Dreams As A Second Language, through, $5.38 plus handling ISBN 9781530583607
Gene's email is:
and, if you want to order a book from Gene:

             Gene Gryniewicz
             7509 161st Place
             Tinley Park, Illinois

Tama: 'let's all order a copy of these fine poems from a courageous writer and friend, and/or just email him a nice message"

From Rumi and Hafiz's beloved heir apparent, Dorothy Walters,
a loverly collection of her recent poetry:

'Some Kiss We Want: Poems Selected and New'

also available on youtube is Dorothy and Andrew Harvey's sacred performance of these poems... 
available, of course, on, and hailed by critics as “beautiful and profound; rich with wisdom and insight, impassioned and powerfully engaging.”

                             'Reality is always                                  
                                 soft clay,
                        ever shifting and changing
                                 it's shape.'

              'Don't make lists, or explain ancient accounts,
                        Forget everything you know
                                 and open.'

Yup, Dorothy Walters, our poetry guru.

Frosty, stating 'next, my two heroes, Earl and Mooch!"
                "Mine, too!" states Tama    "And me, too!" says me

The Gift of Nothing, from Patrick McDonnell...

The Gift of Nothing (Patrick McDonnell, of comic strip MUTTS) released 2005 "and how did we miss this awesome little book?" asks Tama
         'But what do you get someone who has everything?'
"Teacher's Pick for Best New Books", Scholastic Parent and Child
"Pure Delight", Publishers Weekly...
                                                     available everywhere.

last! and, for us, so loverly! Prolific Press just published a selection of haiku by...  ayaz daryl nielsen! 'and by Frosty and Tama!', state Frosty and Tama...

from Prolific Press:   Window Left Open
                                                       ayaz daryl nielsen

                          Window Left Open
fifty-five haiku from yours truly
                     'and yours truly, too!' states Tama
                                    'and yours truly, three!" states Frosty

people pass by                          cat on the fence
a dog                                    again          
waiting for dog                        his moon song
                                          (I wrote this'n), says Frosty

available on Amazon's Kindle store, from Prolific bookstore/chapbook-series, and from us!  Send an email suggesting you are interested! Frosty says, 'send a nice email even in you aren't interested!'    

wow, assistant ed's, we'll need to lessen wordiness in future posts...

'but', states Tama, 'our poets deserve a lot more praise than even the small amount we've given them'

                               true, Tama true...

Frosty:  'and don't you think we've all earned an extra special treat?'
true, too, Frosty... let's go have our treats!
                (chorus of meows, surrounded by purrs)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen