Saturday, December 16, 2017

t. kilgore splake, James B. Peters, Teresinka Pereira, Steve Ausherman, Yarrow, Ann Christine Tabaka, Greg Gregory, Nancy Shires, Patricia Carragon, and, Juanita Torrence-Thompson!

                 poet t. kilgore splake   Calumet, Michigan

         lost in cold whiteness                          movie theatre

            wind driven snow                        brief afternoon hours

          poet drunk on silence                        young wild free

   poet James B. Peters                      poet Teresinka Pereira   
   Cottonville, Tennessee                         Toledo, Ohio                       

   Christmas decorations,                       SANTA CLAUS                         
   Everyone has a tree.
   A sleigh and plastic tire                     Without dances, singing
   Further down the street.                     his HO! HO! HO!
   The weather                                    the old man
   is just now turning cold                     comes to give
   Maybe Christmas will be white.              a message of peace
   The spirit has caught                         to all mankind!
   The shoppers in the mall                     With storms
   And everywhere                               or with limpid sky
   there is more cheer.                           here he comes                         
   Better if it filled the year.                    from the firmament
                                                     with memories...
                                                     The poem 
                                                     is the gift
                    to each poet!

     poet Steve Ausherman
           Albuquerque, New Mexico

           spilled salt
              tossed over my shoulder
           the warm comforts
                          of superstition.

    poet Ann Christine Tabaka
          Hockessin, Deleware
           wind in the trees
           leaves dance to
           a grand ballet                       
   (to you from Yarrow)                          in my window      
                                                         a moonless night
                                                       pulls down the shades

                  poet Greg Gregory
                        Antelope, California                                      

                  I have learned the right words, right
                  tone, each of the right                            
                  faces, pleasing smile.
                  I have learned them as prairie
                  grass learns to send its tendrils
                  into the sod to
                  escape prairie fires.
                  I have learned how to survive.

poet Nancy Shires
      Greenville, North Carolina

                    rainy spell
                    a population increase
                    of violets

      song of the swallowtail sung in yellow

                                    yellow flowers 
                                    cascading from a blue pot
                                    it doesn't take much

            (And it is sunrise in Colorado. . .  we fools are dancing!)

                         poet Patricia Carragon                              
                            Brooklyn, New York

            photographs                              pastoral silence
            can't always see                          inner cacophony
            the beauty of the moment              speaks

                         poet Juanita Torrence-Thompson
                               Bayside, New York

           Jewel eyes, burnt to-                Singing sienna
           Paz observing crocus. Peace.       Eyes, saucy lavender lips
           Splatter of spring rain.              Swim through lilac days.

Noble assistant editors Tama and        
Frosty, you have created another
excellent blog post of poems
from very favorite poets!

Frosty:  "Treats for everyone!"

happy mews, contented purring,
heart-felt grins and sighs
(as we eat treats and dance). . .

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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