Tuesday, December 5, 2017

purring poets: pl. wick, Cathy Porter, Patricia Carragon, Olimpio Coelho de Araújo (translator Teresinka Pereira), Diane Webster, Carl Mayfield, Dennis Saleh, t. kilgore splake!

                poet pl. wick   Empire, Colorado                         

                old friends are these
                dry-leather work boots
                a fatigued heel finally fails,
                it was bound to happen--
                the boot  sagging and tired
                limping noticeably now

                I'm just along
                   for the journey

                - - -

                cerulean sky
                and lemon chiffon aroma
                carry us along...

                the biker
                beginning to relax 
                if there are such things as
                motorcycle poems

            poet Cathy Porter   Omaha, Nebraska


                        early morning rain
                        soaks our skin
                        that's what you get
                        for lovin' me
                        if you cold read my mind
                        you would know
                        I plan to leave
                        by sundown
                        ain't nothin' carefree
                        'bout this highway

poet Patricia Carragon
      Brooklyn, New York

gray leaves  gray puddles
gray chills underneath     gray cardigan

                 subway in motion
                         wheels sing lullabies
                                 passengers fall asleep

yellow snow
at the trunk of the tree
doggie's m.o.

   poet Olimpio Coelho de Araújo   São Vivente, Brasil

            (Somos todos astronaultas)

            The gods know we are all astronauts.
            They test our fragile limitations,
            our shaky, insecure steps.
            The gods know how arrogant we are.
            The gods know.

   translated by Teresinka Pereira   Toledo, Ohio

       poet Diane Webster   Delta, Corlado

                                                  BEE CAVE
 A bee encapsulated
 inside a snapdragon blossom
 like soaking in bathtub water
 as scent penetrates in steamy mist. . .
 like squeezing through
 a cave tunnel to the end
 discovering never-before-seen

  poet Carl Mayfield
Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Blank Look #972

                              picking up a trimmed branch
                              I notice there is a thread
                                       trailing off into the sky
                              quickly becoming invisible

                                       when I feel the tug
                              a shudder arrives
                              without a sound
                              as though being called home
                              is nothing to fret about

poet Dennis Saleh                        poet t. kilgore splake
Seaside, California                          calumet, michigan                                                              
Curb Your Voice                             modern communications

No word speaks                                short tweet messages
louder than 'silence'
especially in Januarys                  forgetting old fashioned letters
A year is gone
A year begun
Of course momentous                        tripping highway miles

"Silence"                                      sipping eight ball forties
Motto of the month
of January                                    deep in upper peninsula
                                                   closing on paradise

    noble assistant editors
    Frosty and Tama, yet
    another fine post!
    You have me purring!

    Frosty: "Treats?"

    Treats for everyone!
    (happy mews all around)

    see you in a moment

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