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Peggy Dugan French, Rex Sexton, Don Wentworth, Steve Ausherman, Patricia Carragon, Carl Mayfield, t. kilgore splake, Angelee Deodhar, Frosty and Tama!


                               poet Peggy Dugan French
                                    Cardiff, California

              sanctuary                           construction site
              the song of this river              the chatter of daily lives
              the touch of your hand            mixed with sawdust

Peggy is editor of print publication   SHEMOM          2486 Montgomery Ave.
                                            Cardiff, CA
                                                          send your poetry!

assistant editors Frosty and Tama, stating, "next, artwork and poetry from the friend who always made us purr..."

                             poet and artist Rex Sexton


Somber in the soft dusk
with sleep coming on
I think about the best
way to lay life's wonders
down. Of course, somehow
with a smile on my face. No
sour grapes. Death is everyone's
I must lay my long mirror down
The future belongs to those who
are coming. I'll greet them
as I can, leave them
a little something.
Grace and beauty has its way.

(Skeleton Key by Rex Sexton)

                      poet Don Wentworth   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

         that slow lope,                          Grand Unified Theory
       of nowhere to go,
been there, everywhere, before -               the moment
      look, see, the willow                      becomes  
          yields to you                           you

                             (above haiga by Frosty and Tama)

Paint a Tree     poet Steve Ausherman
                           Albuquerque, New Mexico

Paint a tree/ paint a thin branch

Paint shaded green/ paint the lines of my hand.

Paint a sapling/paint a girl growing up.

Paint exposed roots/ paint grandma in a rocker.

Paint a tree/ paint a thick branch.

Paint autumn leaves/ paint a wedding veil.

Paint wind-bucked pine/ paint a boy's cowlick.

Paint aspen bark/ paint a Dear John letter.

Paint a tree/ paint a thin branch.

Paint a thick trunk/ paint a Sunday dinner.

Paint acorn skin/ paint my child leaving home.

Paint leaves in the rain/ paint the doctor's office.

Paint a tree/ paint a thin branch.

    poet Patricia Carragon
                                   Brooklyn, New York

          rain forgives anger
                   when it falls with grace and hope
                            water heals the land
                                     courage replants, life renews
                                              the earth and sun in balance

  (above haiga by Tama and Frosty)

                   poet Carl Mayfield  Rio Rancho, New Mexico
        snowy fog                          along the path
            walking home                              each direction home
          through home

                  poet t. kilgore splake   Calumet, Michigan

       thelonious monk                             lost in cold whiteness

        soft jazzy touch                               wind driven snow

      world full of edges                          poet drunk on silence

     and, last, Angelee Deodhar shares a recent photo of Frosty. . .

assistant editor Frosty asks "Did you have to use this picture!?!"

Noble assistant, this picture earns all of us, especially you, and Tama, and Angelee Deodhar- extra-special treats!

"Happy mews and purrs and extra-special treats for everyone!"
from assistant editor Tama...                    

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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