Thursday, November 23, 2017

Poetry Collections We're Thankful For: 'high desert cameos', by carl mayfield, art by wayne hogan; 'JACOBEKU RETIRING LINES', from James B. Peters; 'The Scent of Roses', by Michael Dylan Welch; and! 'Eel Pie Island Dharma', by Chris Faiers!

assistant editor Tama:  'presenting poetry in this post that 
                             has us purring!" 
assistant editor Frosty "while eating our Thanksgiving treats!"

              yes, noble assistant editors! and, here we go!...

from Carl Mayfield (and Wayne Hogan)
 ('a tasty sampling', says Frosty)

solitary hiker---
   in conversation
   between shoes and sand

                snowy fog
                    walking home
                  through home

        a line in the sand:
            easing under the gate

   her wide smile
        crossing the street
       as we speak

       to order above book, contact Carl Mayfield
                                          POB 44472 
                                          Rio Rancho, N M   


      In a landscaped yard
      Seven robin nests
      In the oaks and maples
      A pair of mockingbirds
      In the backdoor honeysuckle. 
                                                  Canadian geese
                                                  Glide to a landing
                                                  On the pasture pond.
                                                  The softness
                                                  Of her touch.
                    Raking leaves
                    with the wind
                    Is easier

Tama:  'One of the many self-published poetry collections from Jim and his family, and they're all lovely- hundreds, even thousands of poems from an erudite Tennessee gentleman'
write to Jim, if you would, ask about obtaining copy(s), and/or, 
just write, 'thank you, Jim'...
                                       James B. Peters
                                       1001 Somerville Dr.
                                       Cottontown, TN

first rose --
my toddler's breath
parts the petals

              quiet garden--
              the rose's blue shadow
              under moonlight

falling rose petals
the tattoo
on the pallbearer's hand

               for now the roses bloom,
               but tomorrow
               when their fragrance has gone,
               will you still remember me
               and my poem?

Michael Dylan Welch... send him an email, and/or an SASE for this lovely little collection of poetry, The Scent of Roses...

Michael Dylan Welch                      
22230 NE 28th Place
Sammamish, WA   98074-6408

Frosty:  'the dude abides'...
as does his beloved book, 
        Eel Pie Island Dharma  A hippie memoir/haibun
                                        Chris 'Cricket' Faiers

'This memoir of a sixties survivor has become a haiku/haibun classic and an oft-quoted reference for the heady ferment which was the tail end of the 1960's.'

Frosty:  "Read it, live it.  All us poets need Cricket's 120-page classic on the most-favorite book shelf.  A note, email, card, your bestest vibes to Canadian 'Cricket' Chris Faiers, up there beside his beloved Zen River...'

Chris Faiers                                                            
12 Main St.
Marmora, Ontario                                Walking to meditation
Canada                                           through fresh snow.

                            Through thin walls
                            radio blaring
                            "It's All Right Now"


see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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