Sunday, October 22, 2017

the cats' meows: Dorothy McLaughlin, Dennis Rhodes, Carl Mayfield, t. kilgore splake, Patricia Carragon, Jo Balistreri, Greg Gregory, and! pl.wick! (greetings, Maggie)

assistant ed. Tama, stating, 
"Frosty, we have our                            
most special poets'
poetry waiting on this
desktop!  We should 
honor them soon, 
as soon as we can!"

replies assistant ed. Frosty
(resting on said desktop) 
"Yes, Tama! And
we'll begin right now!"

               poet Dorothy McLaughlin   Somerset, New Jersey

   guest room closet
   coat hangers
   long empty

                           cloudy night
                           remembering where
                           the moon belongs

                                                         and shadows
                                                         today's softness

                  poet Dennis Rhodes   Naples, Florida

There once was a poet named Morris
who encountered a huge brontosaurus;
He thought it was time
for a suitable rhyme--
went running for his thesaurus!

                                            I've never given away
                                            anything of value
                                            that hasn't come back to me
                                            in one way or

     poet Carl Mayfield   Rio Rancho, New Mexico

deciding to go around
   the stink bug
         dismisses us

             her shade of lipstick--
               burnt salt bush or forever?

Empathy with the Fragment

                               a quiet life
                               lives in the trees
                               each leaf

     t. kilgore splake   Calumet, Michigan

          sun shining through clouds
                ghosts and angels
             looking down on earth

    poet Patricia Carragon   Brooklyn, New York

yellow moon
at the trunk of the tree
doggie's m.o.

      as the teakettle boils
               snowflakes slide down
                        the kitchen window

                                   vapor clouds
                                   rise from my teapot
                                   Winter cold blues

      poet Jo Balistreri   Genesee Depot, Wisconsin
              on the back porch
              wind rocks
              in the chair beside me

                                                 in the sky
                                                 of a puddle…
                                                 springtime petals

                 poet Greg Gregory   Antelope, California

                                     In Transit

                             in a Scottish hotel
                             under a portrait
                             of the Golden Buddha
                             my iphone
                             charging on the night stand

"And!', concludes Tama, "a last poem from dear friend pl. wick"-
from the Froster, "Greetings to beloved kitty Maggie!"

                     poet pl. wick   Empire, Colorado

                             in retrospect
                             don't think I'll catch the
                             freight out tonight

                             too may eateries
                             too many memories
                             at least
                               for a few days...

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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